How do you get your blog to bring traffic to your site

How do you get your blog to bring traffic to your site


in the optimization of the time often have such a goal, IP can achieve much, so we started doing some of the chain through the blog, hope to be able to increase the weight of the site, improve the site keywords ranking, in fact, our blog can also bring to our website traffic, it is required to do


wants to let the blog bring traffic to the site is that you need to establish the correlation between blog and website content, but also to optimize your blog, improve the popularity of the blog, so that it can give site bring good traffic.

1, first of all, the domain name of the blog is related to the topic

for the blog, the majority of the adoption of the two level domain name, blog official name / own blog name, relying on the blog’s master station, included is very fast. Consider the blog’s operations, so try to choose the key word when choosing the domain name.

2, how to choose keywords for blog

we establish the purpose of the blog is to give the main bring some traffic, so we in the choice of key words when we should pay more attention to the first choice, not very hot word, because the row in the first page is the old station, your blog will be very difficult to go up, but also can not choose too cold the ten and a half months no one search keywords is not a choice, the main keywords, long tail at the right click on OK.

3, do blog internal optimization

and our website optimization, including the name and description of the blog, so that the blog name and description can highlight your blog theme and keywords, so that is more successful. And your blog also requires the quality of the article, at least belong to pseudo original, and can maintain a continuous update.

4, module calls conform to the search engine crawl page rules,

set the home page shows the number, format (text or summary), the classification, the latest articles, blog chain, labels and Links, these are very important modules, can be based on user browsing, simulation spiders crawl pages requires reasonable arrangement.

5, don’t forget the blog link,

generally every blog has Links class module, which is equivalent to the site of Links, to improve the weight of blog, has a very important significance to increase the blog traffic, and you link to other blogs, others will give you a link to the blog, so you can achieve the purpose of mutual benefit. And make a link to their battle, I usually choose hospital gynecology online consultation directly linked to the here, so not only can increase the weight of the website, but it will also raise some keywords ranking.

6, don’t forget to visit

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