From Baidu included new sites, talk about the pragmatic spirit of the station

From Baidu included new sites, talk about the pragmatic spirit of the station

I’ve been in touch with the website for five years, but now I really have a website of my own. Since I was a sophomore, I have been fascinated by website production, so I learned the techniques of making websites by myself during the period of effectiveness. From the front desk design to the program, I study myself. I set up technology is considered, after graduation want to operate a website, usually I also often webmaster network learning website management skills. It has been two years since the idea of a web site was built on my first site (hip-hop online: Only for so long is it because I "want to do more, do less, lack of practical spirit", which is a mistake for many beginners. Below I want to pass my new station by Baidu collection experience to talk about "pragmatic" importance.

new station just on the line that period of time, is a webmaster most painful period, because the site is facing the difficulties of Baidu included. And I’ve been through it once. Because I am just beginning to do a website, so make friends do not have one, so I want to find a person to do a new link can not find, who is not willing to give an unknown person to do a new link. So I can only through my steadfast efforts to let Baidu included my station. Finally, hard work pays off. After 28 days, my website has been collected, and 238 Pages have been collected (the website itself is only more than 300 pages).

Baidu website too much in the webmaster online, here I just want to say one must be "pragmatic" and pragmatic is to get down to do their own website, updated every day, insist that every original. Don’t be impatient, insist on doing your website, included is sooner or later. Below I will focus on my insistence on updating and adhere to the original experience.

first, stick to the update. If you insist on updating your website every day, the Baidu spider is always coming to your website. The new sites included is very important, because although Baidu was not included in your site, but if you stick to the update Baidu will often come to your site, if he feels that your website is no problem, the time will be included. My website insists on updating 10 articles every day. I found that Baidu would come to my website every day. (about how to know when Baidu climbed your web site, when to climb, and which page to climb. You can see it from your website log file.


second, adhere to the original. Originality is very important to a website, he is related to search engine included and website ranking in search engine. New station to be more successful by search engine included, adhere to the original is a very good way. My website is to persist in originality every day. So stick to it, search engine almost included all the pages of my web site.

above is my personal new station for more than a month’s experience, but also my personal opinion, there is not the place, please forgive me. After all, I am still a novice, I grew up on the road is still long, and I hope to follow the webmaster

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