The five elements of website and the five taboos of promotion

The five elements of website and the five taboos of promotion

Most of the first things

does is consider search engines, and then consider site planning and design. Even said that the search engine is the value of your platform, if your website content, structure, procedure, column, classification, site name all do the one and only, then you enter the market have been successful in half.

1, website location:

first of all, how to plan, how to do, what functions, what can be achieved, what would like to make the station?. To reasonable allocation of their time, maintenance, operation, friendship links. Capital investment, technology, server resources should be straightened out. Want to be more specific, do unique, content is unique. Like the station.

two, site user

website must be aimed at users like, according to the Baidu index to do keywords, at least to do keywords investigation.

three, site program


program does not recommend using too many websites with the same source code. Can not write procedures, find technical friends to help. Websites aren’t cheap, they have to be paid for. This site features simple and practical line, a new site must be simple and practical, must not be perfect. Need revision, add function. One

four, site content

new station column succinct main, you want to think like this, a new user to you stand up, he will make those actions, estimate will see you those columns. If your station is concise, users can find what they like at a glance. At least there will be no feeling of disgust, the heart is not excluded, will visit your station. Wait for you to stand popularity, the user groups are more, and then slowly increase your content category is not late. Content must be as original as possible, how to write the original?. Text is added to their own comments and analysis, the picture is coupled with their description.

five, website promotion

first let search engine included. Do not want to do optimization, want to do the user, do the weight of search. What should I do outside the search?. In fact, very simple, you search is down, and more of this kind of article is. Why didn’t you do well? That’s because you didn’t do enough, and you couldn’t do it very well. Promotion of all kinds of methods are easy to use, to choose a good, to achieve the ultimate. What is the ultimate? For example, if you write soft, soft Wen online everywhere you, such as connection, you and your kind station exchange a lot, such as mass, you can ensure you every day for tens of thousands of users, such as your forum, you can do it to each big forum to send? Such as submitted to the more, you can guarantee that you are each content in different users submit to all network station bookmarks collection station? Remember, the method is not much, in the extreme. More ways to go to the webmaster network to find communication experience. Ha ha,

website promotion is a lot of time, effort, very stupid, or even serious negative

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