New station was included in the Baidu google7 days to share

New station was included in the Baidu google7 days to share

saw a lot of rivers and lakes friends wrote about the new station was quickly included method. There are eighteen kinds of Wu Yi. I did not go to school, because I do not know whether they are good to use, and too much theory, did not tell the novice how to implement the specific?. Today, I’m sharing the money. I’ve been using it all the time. Within a week, new sites will definitely be included! Now I’ll explain to the novice with examples!


‘s opening remarks. Now let’s begin our discussion. First of all, I’d like to declare that I’m a Taobao customer who specializes in Taobao’s Web site. I’ll take my new website as an example:

I registered the domain name

in May 13, 2009 (you can go to check the network registration time), I want to do a Taobao shopping search site, the day the site completed.

May 14th, I started the new station was included in the preparation. Before the implementation, I will give you a basic idea, that is "cited."". This "citation" is what we call the search engine spider. As long as you succeed in the introduction of new sites search spiders, then your site will soon be included, this is common sense, we all understand.

how fast "lead" is what we’re going to do. According to my experience (of course, many people have such experience, I analysis) we used to list a few well-known websites: Sina blog (Baidu’s favorite), every group (Google love), Baidu (Baidu know the son of Baidu (Baidu), Post Bar daughter), industry and information website the filing system (new retrieval). Below see how I use these sites, so that search engines quickly included my new station.

1, Sina blog,

implementation steps: open a new blog station and take the same name as your website. Around the web site, push keywords to publish articles on your blog (which also includes some optimization knowledge). Not many, a few articles on OK, but want to think of originality (no time original, pseudo original also make do). Add new sites to the blog content. Finished, we open Sina blog home page, looking for a few popular blog. Respond to messages (do not be anonymous, be sure to log in, respond to messages, and your blog links are left there). Everybody knows, Baidu spider in Sina, that is 2 hours a climb. You left your blog link in the home page hot article, which means you have submitted your new site URL to Baidu (because you have your link on your blog). Sina blog successfully introduced the first spider. But does not mean that Baidu will be included. Baidu has an observation period (you can see spider trails in your server logs).


group every day

Google love feeds every day, what are not, as long as you submit to the new network every day. In a few hours, you’ll be able to see your stop at google. (this >

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