Summing up the four points, share the failure of the site experience

Summing up the four points, share the failure of the site experience

              Hello, I was reading room of the station, station for nearly a year, now my site experienced failure, although once created a new web site seven months flow than IP but it is yesterday, today reading room IP just 100. I sent the failure to everyone, I hope you will not continue my detours.

1, the title of the site: the site title change frequently, this is taboo, to put the title selection in the site, extending from the title keywords, long tail keywords to choose a good. This is what we do in advance.

2, website name and space choice: my ranking was dropped in eleven. Buy space, of course, is to be stable and fast, there is no mess in the server other sites, K sites, which is the best. The most important thing is that the domain name server can not stop. When I was eleven, the site was attacked because of the domain name server. Stopped for about three days. As a result, the rankings were gone. I think that’s the main reason. It seems that I have not heard that the domain name can be stopped for no reason, but it will lead to the claim. I’m in luck. My domain name has been bought for two years.

3, the chain too much: some garbage outside the chain is too much, I often go to ENET to release some advertising stickers, of course, there are other websites. The chain is not without, but should amount to, and also have high quality of the chain. Want to get this, I think the most important is soft writing. Don’t waste your time doing useless things, and it’s better to think about how to improve the readability of your web site.

4, website content: blindly copy and paste, often lead to not included, no snapshot. Even the most simple pseudo original have not done. This is also the biggest reason for failure. This is just to tell you. Content is also critical.

, analyze these four points first. I’ll analyze it later when I have time.

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