My view on the success of the nternet less talking, more work

My view on the success of the nternet less talking, more work

now, the Internet is growing faster and more popular, here I talk about some of the Internet summary and Reflection on the road, I hope all of you will help.

1., we often like to discuss strategies, but when we execute, we find no clue, and the process and result are uncontrollable. Even if there is a so-called execution, there is virtually no substantive code of conduct. The problem is that there is no first in-depth thinking whether there is a problem of logic on this matter, then there is no in-depth studies methods and details.

2. often MSN, the first sentence is: ask how to do network promotion, this question can not answer, so ask people may not know marketing. All things are the same, write procedures, the first is to understand the demand, then the feasibility analysis and evaluation, and then write a requirements document, then the page and development process, program module decomposition and allocation of work, the last step is to write a program. For marketing, the same can be seen.

3. we often go love all love to see a lot of shortcut to success, "the success of the platinum rule", "Carnegie series" and so on, the heat also is this kind of article zhuaxia. I believe these books and articles are right, but I’m sure it’s some nonsense. In fact, if a person can adhere to some of the simplest principles while doing something, I am sure he will succeed. If he can hold on to his life, he will be very successful. It’s not how much you read, but how much you insist on doing.

4., when doing things, often subordinates, big things, small things to ask you, my way of dealing with is: pointing out ideas, in their own way to do. But when a person does what he does, it means that over time he will lose the ability to think independently and make his manager very hard at the same time. Of course, the management of non decentralization will cause a similar situation, subordinates do not think, only in accordance with the boss’s meaning perfunctory, no good.

5., more and more people are telling me on the Internet that they want to start a business. I was happy for them first, but when I got to know the situation, I was worried about them, the project was vague, the lack of funds, the team short board was extremely serious, and they were still inexperienced. Adxon’s Jo once said that it is difficult for people to start a business in order to succeed. Then, how do you understand your business for starting a business? I think it is worth thinking about every entrepreneur without self deception.

6. saw too much, met too many people, more and more feel, can say not necessarily can do, can write not necessarily can do. More people like to fish on shore than swim in water. They can fight less and fight less. Nothing is more important than swimming in the water.

7. empiricism is terrible. When it comes to the areas of ignorance, the first reaction is negation. The Internet is a young and innovative business, and I believe that nothing can be done without thinking of it. With the original experience to judge innovative industries, the consequences can be imagined, while some >

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