Share my SEO experience to help you improve keywords, rankings, and weights

Share my SEO experience to help you improve keywords, rankings, and weights

first to introduce the basic situation of this station, the site on-line time for July 9, 2011. Up to now, posting time, the site on-line 2 months, 24 days, nearly 3 months time. The new domain name, domain name no history, nor any weight. Web site using ECSHOP shop, open source program erection. The server is located in the domestic virtual space, not the independent IP. At present, some of the key words on the Baidu page, and some in second pages, third pages, first. Keywords are popular words, because new sites are not planning to do too many keywords, and so on after the stability, and then slowly increase keywords.

here, do not send the website’s address, so as not to have the suspicion of advertising, but I will send you screenshots. Here are some of the key aspects of SEO. According to my personal experience, the impact of keyword ranking site, there are several important factors such as web site weight, the chain, of course, in the process of SEO optimization, but also to avoid making some mistakes.

focus, for new sites, please do not easily modify the title of the web site, keywords, description, template

After the initial

site, I had no experience in SEO since I started. The search engine was submitted when the site had no actual content. Second days, the website has been collected. Because the next site has made some minor changes, including adjusting the home page template, modify the site Title, Description and other important information. Causes the website to have nearly one month time, included is not normal. Performance included in today’s article, second days can not see yesterday included. So, here to tell you, novice webmaster must remember, in the website did not adjust to the best condition, had better not submit web site to search engine. First of all, we are new sites, there is no weight in itself, but also in the new station assessment period. Second, if you stand in the search engine weight is not high, and you change too many places, search engines may have to review your website. Performance as a snapshot is not updated, included rarely or not included.

key two, please update website content and chain

every day

then I insist every day to update the article, said I have to update the article about the long winded. For new sites, it is not recommended to update too many articles, like I was updated 3-5 articles a day, the article is pseudo original. To change the title and content of what, not using pseudo original software, I think the effect of that change out of the user experience, is not conducive to be included. My article pictures are taken with ALT attributes, are said to be conducive to the collection, I personally practiced. There is some truth in what is said. Hair article also bring the website link, so this article included, can also give me to add a chain. As for why not recommend updating too many articles, the first reason, you update too much, not collection is copy, if your website weight is not high, will give you delete a lot of articles. You think you update a lot every day, and every day you cut out a lot. You can also protect

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