A high school student station site experience diary

A high school student station site experience diary

some time ago my sudden interest together to do engage in Wangzhuan, so we do, ready to open online banking, we start the way of higher heart. Speaking of these days, my heart is not really taste. In order to do this, the book did not go to read, the homework did not do. The pay is big enough. For me, it’s a "pain" word. It’s written mainly to share our experience (not to mention, after all, we’re still garbage stations), and another is to find some outside links for our website….

, March 1st. We bought space and domain names together.

, March 2nd. Domain name to go to the record. Looking for source code, after all, I do not how the web will do. So I found a thief program of a novel. The site is ready. Love novel network: www.new92.cn

, March 3rd. Surprisingly, our website has passed the record. (not bragging, cheat everybody, I go to is a beast, and still on the evening of 2, and listen to people say 20 days or not believe. Maybe I filled out the address of the school.)

, March 4th. Looking for an advertising coalition everywhere. It takes a lot of time to find liars. It made me N disappointed, and I paid 30 yuan for a useless Muzi automatic click software. My classmates laughed and said, "I’ll never do anything.". I hurt my pride…..

, March 5th. No advertising League anymore. I want to be Ali’s mother. (GG and baidu.com, I still know what I’m afraid to do) apply for an ad position.

, March 6th. The ad didn’t pass… Anxiously waiting.

, March 7th. Finally gave up the idea of thinking about money. Begin to understand how to make money. To Wangzhuan must put their own website good. So began to brush flow and find links. (brush flow http://s.alexacn.cc/reg.asp, id=110445)

March 8th, that is, a few days. I read the collection. Still not. And to my surprise, Baidu has my backlinks. Gave me hope again.

integrated the experience of the past few days, I really know the real skill wangzhuan. It’s technology. Daily income = skill no wonder those masters make so much money. I’m so jealous… Ha ha.

wrote this is to give our high school students have some experience, do not like me detours. Don’t just want money, learn it, even if I can’t make it do Wangzhuan as we learned a lesson. Ha-ha。

want Admin5 to give me a link, so that I have long been Baidu, GG included. Thank you Love novel network: www.new92.cn

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