The first stage of an entrepreneur, a calf, a dream

The first stage of an entrepreneur, a calf, a dream

has been busy several large sites before the project, a long time no writing, and think of their recent personal site has been suspended stage, suddenly want to write something.

today with their own personal experience, talk about personal Adsense station a few stages it. Today, the first stage, but also began to do some of the friends of the site some inspiration, ^_^

the first stage, the first calf, carrying a dream

believe that all the webmaster will not start running traffic, running advertising money to go. The first site of the personal webmaster, is often based on interest, the first site of some, because usually love what things, set up a website about the interest, not for profit, part-time, the future often cannot develop into relative occupation personal webmaster, and has been a life interest oriented, some may later accidentally become bigger, their full-time job. It might have been like this, small station.

, but there is also a kind of, often by some online personal legend infection, such as see other people do what, what station, and later made, and later how how fire. Often read some old articles, such as hao123, Li Xingping’s fortune story, how certain music owners get millions of financing, and so on. Suddenly felt that he should also be a person, so he decided to do a web site, I believe that through their own efforts, more than Taobao, will certainly be able to more than sina. At this time, you will find that such webmaster is passionate unlimited, sometimes said that he will aspire to build China’s largest, what what platform. They think that as long as their own website to do well, as long as their products do well enough, will certainly succeed, it will be some people like. Actually worked hard to find out, in fact, their own small station, no one cares. Every day in the reflection, why do website is not so good, people see it (in fact, the website is not necessarily good, but when they do feel good ^_^) at this stage period friend station is often passionate, confident, the mind is hot. Remember, once in the grassroots assembly, a buddy threatened, as long as their own efforts, we will be able to defeat Taobao, and so on…

‘s advice to webmaster friends

At this stage

for friends, they have the same spirit, but until now, the station has changed, there is no value. The advice given by the wizard, if you are in this period, you firmly believe that your site is good, the positioning is clear, there is hope, then you can persist.

just wants you to be able to determine your competitiveness when you stick to it and find your website’s real value. For today’s market, that is, there is a point of value that is different from that of your competitors. Seriously calm down to think, how to act, in order to really get effective flow, give users meaningful things, not every day will play slogans, all day carrying the so-called belief, reason >

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