SNS UGC is the two major driver of the online community

SNS UGC is the two major driver of the online community

, UGC, and interaction must be interdependent, and UGC necessarily pushes interaction, and interaction must produce UGC, which can not be separated. But what exactly is the core of the SNS website’s focus and core, or does it focus on user interaction?

acquaintance is built up through high quality UGC on the internet. But when I met, after drinking, I became an acquaintance. High quality UGC has greatly reduced your retention, and you now need tools for social networking.

Thinking about

——Robbin:SNS routing problem

WEB2.0 UGC (user generated noise generated content), and SNS is IT on the stage of the nowadays popular mingdan. There is a group of people advocating, and the other side of the box called "IT" called "dead bear", desperately singing empty: "UGC, I deny U, deny G, deny C – so I am an out and out" anti UGC "person."." I remember, until a few weeks ago, the SNS is also on the crop will die by bombing. The rational Robbin analyzes the nature of UGC and SNS:

1 and SNS, like UGC, are important elements of community operations.

2, SNS and UGC are the focus of different stages of community operation.

3, the community mature, produce SNS, UGC can retire.

more than five years, I have been in Huaqiao Lu Tea House Tea House ( Forumid=72). 03 years, I saw the TOM community car forum large bowl of the teahouse is very lively, very envious. 5 years later, I found that: large bowl of tea houses declined, the tea family’s twists and turns, although not vigorous, still prosperous. Using Robbin’s theory to analyze and, in turn, to validate and test Robbin’s theory with stories that have occurred over the years, I have come to the conclusion that

likens the community to a bicycle, and SNS and UGC are the two wheels of the community. The progress of the community depends on the wheel movement of the two.

In the early days of the

community, it was absolutely as Robbin said: "because of content.". Community stickiness is also true, as Robbin says: stickiness due to SNS.

but there is a BUG in the Robbin Theory: people are familiar with it and don’t use UGC. Wrong! After the emergence and prosperity of the community, there is a theme: survival. Survival has several practical problems:

can you come in, please? Do you need a threshold for new people?

Does the

theme insist? That is, the main content of UGC is >

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