Similarities between characters and website construction and Optimization in Jin Yong’s Novels

Similarities between characters and website construction and Optimization in Jin Yong’s Novels

, first of all, the website construction and optimization process in a few key points. The construction and optimization of the website are made up of the four most important aspects, that is, the structure of the website itself and the choice of the domain name, the selection of key words, the content updating and the link of the friendship between the four aspects. After a long period of research, I find that these four aspects themselves are strikingly similar to the plot development of the protagonists in Jin Yong’s martial arts novels. Here I come from four aspects to explain.

1, the choice of domain name and the structure of the site, this is for a website, it can be said to be related to his entire development process, for his whole career is of great significance. This is Jin Yong characters inside the martial arts talent, although the talent is not everything, but the development process is above suspicion doubt talented people with higher in the future than people with low talent to be too much. So, the value of a simple and easy to remember domain name, clear structure of the website after your site is immeasurable.

2, keyword, he is the search engine can find the entrance to your website, is also a key factor in your website popularity promotion. If one of your keywords can do the first page of search engines like Baidu or Google, then there’s no doubt that your site will have a big traffic. This just corresponds to the Jin Yong character in got a suitable for their own development of martial arts cheats, after the strength of the big increase. For example, Zhang Wuji found Jiuyang Magic Power.

3, adhere to update the content of the site every day, so that the search engine will increase your goodwill, but also increase your collection of pages, which can be said to be the basis for website optimization. This is like the foundation of Jin Yong novel. Good skills, familiar with the novels of Jin Yong knows, Jin Yong’s martial arts novel character strength basic requirements are very strict, is to step by step, never had the tendency.

4, links, links are divided into the chain and the two parts of the chain. He is also an important indicator of the pros and cons of the search engine to judge your website. Generally speaking, the more chains you have, the higher the quality, then the higher the evaluation of your website will be by the search engine. This is like a martial arts novel in the task, has been an expert advice, pointing to your superior martial arts higher, then you get the benefits of the more natural.

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to the website construction and optimization of some small ideas, although very simple, but we hope to have a little help to


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