Experience teaches how to operate foreign Wangzhuan noviceWitkey website money making new tricks don

Experience teaches how to operate foreign Wangzhuan noviceWitkey website money making new tricks don

how do you make money in marketing?

as a marketing partner, what’s the money?

1, the domain name

of course, the high commission is conditional. If you get a commission on less than 300 yuan, you can enjoy the bronze percentage; you get a commission in the 300 yuan to 1000 yuan, you can enjoy the silver medal percentage; you get when the Commission is more than equal to or more than 1000 yuan, you can enjoy the gold medal of the commission.

how to start lead to join the industry of foreign revenue dollars? Is very simple, with a foreign website, account from the alliance, and then get your promotion link to start the operation task. Here are the following steps needed for the children.

has two modes of foreign Wangzhuan is mainly Lead and Sale. Lead is also called CPL, is to guide visitors to complete some network behavior, such as registered as a member, download software, submit e-mail address, each completed a guide will get a dollar or more commission. Sale CPS, on the basis of the payment of commission, visitors get credit through your link to buy the products, popular in foreign countries such as Amazon, the Commission in 4 – 8%.

second tips: let your forum make money for you. I suggest that the forum has a certain qualifications, you can choose to take advantage of this to make money. In your personality signature, hang your picture marketing code, and then continue to reply, attract everyone’s attention. The quality of replies should be high, otherwise it will arouse the attention of administrators. If you are a senior member of the forum, in the excellent article mixed with text links, code or picture marketing code, the effect is also good.

the above four kinds of commissions are not immutable and fixed. With the higher commission of the recommender, the percentage of the Commission will be higher and higher. The task of marketing partners in China is divided into three grades: bronze medal, silver medal and gold medal according to the Commission awarded by the recommender. The percentage of the different grades is different.

3, the content of the website

see you again, following the last boats made on foreign CPA articles every day there are a lot of friends with me, some foreign Wangzhuan master to discuss cooperation, and some new friends, and the market operation process of individual friends do not even understand foreign wangzhuan. Basic knowledge about foreign boats today CPA Wangzhuan, let everyone know the situation of foreign Wangzhuan and introductory concepts.

here I introduce foreign Wangzhuan in lead, has just been introduced simply, lead is to guide, such as registration, mail submission category, its essence is to complete the tasks assigned by the advertiser visitors to your promotion link. We do lead time by means of similar simulation customers, click on their links to complete the task, each easily get the dollars, this process does not need to have real traffic or visitors. The monthly income of thousands of tens of thousands of Lead There are plenty of people who do the knife, many people don’t do this because don’t know this industry, but it has been in the country formed an industrial chain, but most people do not want to expose.

eight tips to help you become a successful marketing partner

Witkey website currently has two ways to make money: to undertake tasks and to be marketing partners. Undertake the task is the most common mode of making money for a professional proficiency in a particular line. Marketing partner is another kind of money making model for Witkey website. It is suitable for individuals or teams with personal connections and rich network resources.

foreign space is very common, such as Dreamhost, Lunarpages, BlueHost, Hostgator, GoDaddy, GoDaddy or Dreamhost Xiaofei personal recommendation with the host, Taobao can purchase or use a credit card to buy, of course you can according to their hobbies to choose other hosts.

For example:

third tips: let your columns make money for you. People who write columns usually write better, are easily recommended by websites, and are easy to attract readers. If you also have your own column, you can add your marketing code when editing an article, and then you can get an income by registering real name authentication or publishing a task through your article. >

here we look at ourselves to play, do the main foreign alliance "

2, foreign space

marketing partner is recommended friends to do the task or tasks China release task, is recommended as long as the success through real name authentication and certification, issued to pay fees, Witkey task issued a tender task one, recommend people can get a certain percentage of commission.

‘s first tip: let your blog make money for you. In the blog, you can add text marketing code, picture marketing code, custom marketing code, which can be added to the template or article content. Your friends through this link over the task Chinese release task or real name authentication, you can get a certain percentage of.

recommended release of a 1000 yuan Witkey task, recommended bronze can get 80 yuan Commission, recommended by the silver medal can get 90 yuan Commission, recommended gold can get 100 yuan commission.

is the best form of the top-level domain, we recommend you do not use the domain name registrar at home, too many restrictions and can not modify the domain name registration information, which is not conducive to our future application alliance. You can go to foreign space’s GoDaddy registered domain name, Taobao is not familiar with the process for purchasing, the price of 40 yuan, when engaging in activities of the cheaper.

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