Pulse members of the public sky registration, CPA advertising on-line, 1 yuanOnline recruitment thre

Pulse members of the public sky registration, CPA advertising on-line, 1 yuanOnline recruitment thre

The first centralized evolution of

looking back, what has changed in the online recruitment market,

, one of the first to infiltrate the traditional industry with the Internet, has been evolving online for twenty years. From 1997 to 2000, 51job, Zhaopin and ChinaHR three traditional recruitment website set up at that time, just to catch up with the development of the emerging Internet companies China small climax, and in 2005 58, go to the market and other classified information website together, in the past years of information asymmetry as a "Porter" the role of the recruitment needs of enterprises to job seekers at the same time, the job information pushed to the recruitment business, earn commissions, constitute the Internet for 1 times.

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enterprises in the field of services will be the next ten billion class companies, which is already a lot of people in the venture pool consensus. In the second quarter of 2017, the number of human resources financing surpassed data services, becoming the hottest track in the field of enterprise services.

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has been listed Zhaopin and future worries 51job two veteran listed company occupies about 60% market share in the online recruitment, with the changes in the market, this share is increasingly eroded. Monitoring data show TalkingData, Zhaopin and future worries 51job the rate of active users were 21% and 14%, compared with the second echelon Boss direct hire 12%, advantage is not obvious.

‘s online recruitment took place between 2012 and 2015. At this point, the mobile Internet tide is in the ascendant, the players began a variety of mobile recruitment model exploration attempt. Pull hook nets, later boss are directly employed at this time. In 2015, industry attention peaked, with the number of entrepreneurs 2.5 times higher than in 2014. Facts have proved that the final vertical recruitment conforms to the trend, the gradual decline of China talent network, the traditional recruitment of players began to seek transformation. Internet recruitment into the 2 era of mobile recruitment.

online recruitment, this has been relatively mature market, is quietly changing.

in the past two months, Zhaopin, one of the two largest listed companies in the field of recruitment, has finally completed the privatization agreement

now, in the 2 era, the growing up of the main players have completed the C round, D round of financing, becoming climate. Although the growth of the two listed companies is weak, they still occupy the largest market share and flow, but the whole industry is still relatively healthy, and a relatively stable pattern has been formed.

but steady, the undercurrent still flows.

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