What kind of people do want to work withFinally, you can boldly say the opportunity is gone, do no

What kind of people do want to work withFinally, you can boldly say the opportunity is gone, do no

"only tell the truth, not pit father."."

China officially entered the "peoples entrepreneurship innovation" era, all want to go through the Internet with what stuff, realize the transformation of economic China, the millions of entrepreneurs excited to play with blood on the road, they are considered "Internet plus" will quickly broke out, Chinese economy will be rapid transformation then the Internet can add what



thought that at the beginning, Lu teacher also because of the rhetoric is sharp and attracted many fans to follow, the fans mostly comment to him is seven words:

had an interview with Bill. The secret of success. Bill Gates said: because there is much more to the success of the work for me.Super successful



many successful people in my life, but I don’t know, there is no way to go to work for him, and let the people I work successfully, in order

, I don’t have the strength.

, instead of seeing the world with myopia. In prosperity, think of finding a way out for yourself, and when it comes to adversity, know where you are going

two. Learning ability. Education represents the past, learning to control the future. Know any details, all the people learn and comprehend, and

Know about

. The main thing is, learning, in fact, is learning and learning two words. Learn it once and do it one hundred times before you really master it. Learn to do,

the humble, to really learn something. The sea becomes the sea because it is lower than all the rivers.

three. Strong action. Deeds alone make a difference. The action is different, and the result is different. Know not to do, do not know, do

four. Know how to give. If you want to be outstanding, you must pay first. People over a lifetime only. It is impossible to sacrifice nothing

can start. Use actions to let others know that you have more value than others, and others will set a higher price.

five. Strong sense of communication. There is no limit to communication. It is an attitude, not a skill. A good team, of course, must be together

with the barber, barber home, with a haircut and perm device. Some whim, and now give the dog beauty, bath, pet hospital to go, too much trouble, simply come to wash the dog bar. Some want to get rid of the hotel’s life, and let the cooks come to our house for cooking…… This whim of the home O2O project, there are tens of thousands of, and only get VC investment, no less than a thousand.

some time ago in the business forum, met Lu Lu Zhenwang business opinion leader, the teacher said that he had about 500000 fans in micro-blog, will receive a lot of business consulting every day, but I have a think business plan is very few, most people do not have a clear goal, but dissatisfaction with the present work environment and income, think to change the destiny through entrepreneurship.

think about it, since it is innovative, that is, a very small number of talented people can

in the last year, entrepreneurship is a very fashionable word, whether it is the head of sweet potato farmers digging, or just start thinking about the campus life of students, are anxious to get into entrepreneurship, because a strong wind is sweeping across the country, everyone go hither and thither to call for: "/p>

"Internet plus to

Lu teacher said: "I am a person who has experienced the difficulties of starting a business. When you meet such a person, if you encourage him, you will often do harm to him.". I will mercilessly throw words to him, even the workers are not good people, entrepreneurship is no way to change your destiny, will only make you more poor and more bitter, entrepreneurship is belong to a strong game, is your life adventure, every day you have to undergo the test of life and death.



Abstract: a college student excitedly said to me: hate college, hate not immediately in business. When you ask for an entrepreneurial project, nothing will happen. First think must start, and then consider what can do, this kind of person the probability of success is very low. Entrepreneurship must have a clear goal, rely on what to earn, how to obtain users.

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