Li Kaifu what is the reason of early entrepreneurs tend to failWebsite promotion method — resource

Li Kaifu what is the reason of early entrepreneurs tend to failWebsite promotion method — resource

1, "20 year old venture" is not too far,

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan,

Li Kaifu: the country now has a twenty year old entrepreneur "phenomenon, many people see is the apple Facebook, these companies are established by the 20 year old entrepreneur, but in Chinese, more than 20 year old entrepreneurs will go on the road

in fact, more incubators are being built in the country at the moment. With three years of experience and lessons accumulated innovation workshops, there will be the incubator and early investment that thing more than others.

not really. Why innovation works after three years to live, and have raised one, two dollars and RMB fund fund, an incubator for entrepreneurs to grow think is the role of the "amplification", "acceleration" and "catalyst", rather than "genetically modified" work, this is feasible in reality; on the other hand, innovation works in practice also adjust the operation method of their own, the most important is to find from a creative entrepreneur, a direct investment in the business.


as a matter of fact, Wang Ran worried about these two points and got some verification in the later practice of the innovation factory. However, many people in the "workshop" idea of negation, also show at the time of "incubator" in fact there is a deviation or understanding of the concept of blank, a lot of people in the ideology of "incubator" seems to have a no entrepreneurial experience and gene, students "cultivation" and "transformation" as an entrepreneur.

site cooperation between resources is also an important way to promote each other, among them the simplest form of cooperation for the exchange of links. Other website content sharing, collaboration and exchange of resources, are recommended, although the form and operating methods vary, but the basic idea is the same, namely, in which they have certain marketing resources situation through cooperation to achieve the purpose of common development. This section describes the exchange link method only.

?? in the " search engine registration; " relevant content, referred to shlf1314 as the representative of the second generation search engine will be the number of links from other sites also as an indicator, a website ranking in exchange links itself is a common site promotion means, by other websites more opportunities, more conducive to the promotion of their own site. Especially for most small and medium-sized websites, this free promotion means is a commonly used, but also has a certain effect.

?? link or reciprocal link exchange, exchange links, Links etc., is a simple forms of cooperation between certain complementary advantages of the site, the other site placed respectively on their website LOGO or website name, hyperlink and set the other website, users can find their sites from partner sites in order to promote each other.

?? the role of the exchange links mainly in the following aspects: get traffic, increase user impression in the search engine rankings, increase the advantages, increase the credibility of visitors through cooperation website recommendation. But a link exchange effect, there are some different views, some people think that the site visits can be obtained from the link is very small, some people think that exchange links not only can obtain the potential value of the brand, can also get a lot of direct access.

?? the book point of view, the meaning of the exchange links have actually exceeded the possibility of direct increased access to this category, than increased access to more important lies in the cognitive and recognition, because in general, each link of the site on the scale is close, have certain relevance or complementary the content, only after each other’s approval may be your site as a partner.

?? in the website link on the issue, we often see some very different results, some sites do not distinguish lists many apparently unrelated websites, from the chemical building materials to the personal portrait, and the profile of every hue; there are many sites, there is no related links. These two scenarios are extreme, and even for more normal web links, there are some issues that require attention.

interviewed Li Kaifu the other day, and we saw an English major beside his cup on his desk. It was "Be A Better Dad Today". Ha ha, Li Kaifu is not like a man who still needs to learn how to be a good father. He usually gets warm and warm with his two daughters on his micro-blog.

Li Kaifu’s office is unlocked, he says. It’s part of an open and friendly place in the Innovation workshop culture.

so today we’re going to ask Li Kaifu to talk about early investment and early entrepreneurship.


in September 2009, when the Innovation workshop was announced, there was no doubt in the industry. Li Kaifu himself, even on micro-blog, named CEO, the capital of, who had objections to the Innovation workshop. Wang hoped that he would be invited to participate in the programme. At that time, Wang Ran is the focus of the objection of innovation works "incubator" in his blog: truly creative entrepreneurs can be appraised, selected? Truly creative entrepreneurs can be mass-produced

if you are far fetched, who do innovation works CEO, or early investors, in some extent, may be considered a "Dad" role? He need to learn

‘s early advice to entrepreneurs

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