Sudden fire scene risk, will it be the only way out of nternet insuranceShare some experience and f

Sudden fire scene risk, will it be the only way out of nternet insuranceShare some experience and f

2016, the Internet insurance financing news began to refresh, frequently finance billion valuation, one billion billion.


interesting, we almost invariably, picked in the "Scene risk" model, began plowing scenes.

is a new guest Wangzhuan in after the rise of e-commerce, it is characterized by simple and honest and easy to be popularized by the webmaster’s favorite, but because the past few years Taobao off the flood, some time ago on the sh419 Taobao guest website hit, so this was a very good Wangzhuan into all the eyes of the "hot potato". But recently this time sh419 included on Taobao site, and let these novices regain faith in it, today I would like to share with you some of their own experience and feelings of Taobao customers in three months.

imperceptibly half a month so I spent in learning, while learning so much, but also a lot of effort, but still a bit not website. But then I found a problem, my site is not what looks like functional characteristics, site is a full advertising station, almost no real sense of what the available content is also some Taobao customers on top of the AD, for the visitors, they need not on your website click to enter the taobao for shopping, they can directly enter the taobao shopping more at ease.

"insurance is a special financial product. It is a ‘non equivalent contract’." Elephant insurance CEO Yang Zhe said, "not everyone is willing to spend 100 yuan to protect the future risk does not necessarily occur."."

first of all, lack of market education, users are not good enough for insurance. The mention of insurance, in the user’s impression will appear qiaosheruhuang insurance agents, even with "fraud" and "flicker" and other words together.

scene, as they invariably hold the straw, which will become the only escape exit Internet insurance?


original players, most began to "Scene risk" transformation, with "B2B and then 2C" approach, circuitous forward.

I first heard of the three words is Taobao off at a gathering of students, and in the old classmates chat when I started talking about how to make money through the network of part-time this kind of topic, then the man talked about Taobao off this thing for the "white" level I was touched, heard all at sea don’t mind, go home immediately after the Internet search about what is the Taobao customer and is the specific practice, not a month, I established its first Taobao guest website, was used in weaving process, art is my help in the man, oh, buy domain name, rent space and do I want to program down a total of almost more than 900 ocean, although you have spent so much money, but think immediately have a considerable income after I still think it is all worth at that time to Is innocence.

10 days after the line on the website, actually almost no one to visit, are landing Taobao account customers every day, but every disappointing exit. Just know later the phone that old buddy, the original line on the site is the need to promote, but also need to optimize. Later, buddy recommended me A5 to see the charge, about a week’s time, I carefully read hundreds of articles. To understand what is SEO, what is what is the weight of sh419 keyword ranking, shlf1314 weight, how to analyze the competitors, also learned to use some query tools.

secondly, that is the nature of insurance, is a low frequency, weak demand products, traditional insurance for users, dispensable, did not touch the hard pain point.

from the beginning of this year, Internet insurance began to cool down, more ground gas.

2015, the first year of Internet insurance.

according to the China Electronic Commerce Research Center monitoring data show that insurance products advertising flow conversion rate is low, only about 3%-5%, but also because of its "weak demand" in essence.

01 contested scenes

Taobao return freight insurance is the originator of the scene insurance, and do the best, the largest.

, according to data provided by Taobao, in the "refund transaction" correction

but the question of who should take the "return" postage bill has been debated.

through a series of reflection, I finally to the website on the whole of the revision of the previous full page AD all down, it is my own original or false original shopping experience and for some popular commodity evaluation and guide. After about half a month, I found surprising in view of a web site statistics, the return rate is relatively stable, and the long tail keyword search through sh419’s is relatively good, I’ll wait.


but in the second half, players began to realize calmly that the development of Internet insurance is not as easy as it seems.

industry began a round of concentrated outbreak, huge financing continued, a thriving; two years later, entrepreneurs and investors have found that the development of Internet insurance is much more difficult than imagined.

therefore, both at home and abroad, insurance is driven by sales.


last year, an Internet insurance costs tens of millions, put on hard wide, resulting in low conversion rate like words.

in this context, the Internet insurance started a transformation and broken shell road.

in 2010, Taobao reached 100 billion transactions, consumer protection, "seven days no reason to return" rule has also been implemented for three years.

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