Hero only one or two love Shanghai home page ranking conjecture

Hero only one or two love Shanghai home page ranking conjecture

classification information site for e-commerce sites, social networking sites, and SNS said above the

3, the KR keyword competition is still relatively high (although the commercial value of KPI is not high).

4, Admin5, DoNews and other similar network owners have been very love

I have been in this position

3, increase the weight

love the search results page from the beginning of the scanty to around 250 thousand now (can be seen within a short time scale or teams can be compared;


Remember earlier in the group suggests that this keyword can be released to the similar electric district 58 city, Ganji and other classified information site. Because the love of Shanghai currently weights of the classified information is relatively high.

4, These changes 2, the Shanghai The quality of the chain weight 2,

3, love Shanghai know: tell the user is also consulting issues related to the keywords business circle

1, the PR value, anti chain caused by weight reduced by

2, love Shanghai Encyclopedia: tell the user what is the electric business circle

unfortunately, love is love between the Shanghai original articles of words, some position and will give their home. Therefore, whether you how many outside the chain, seems to have little effect on the ranking of your own site, but you publish the content of the page, the love of Shanghai is very generous, if the theme of novel enough, it will give you the front row on the home page. And those hundreds of competition the keyword page rank of independent owners, no matter how much you love hard, Shanghai only allows one or two stations on the home page, you can take what way? Therefore, it can be said that if the independent site home page ranking will be the outcome, so the hero may have one or two. Perhaps many webmaster do not fully understand these rankings change love Shanghai, so here I simply repeat. Love Shanghai changes in the ranking is as follows:

1, the love of Shanghai index from 0 to nearly 1000;

1, electric district official site: this should be fully deserve in the first row of

signature, blog posts, forum mass reduction brought by

love Shanghai is to focus on the customer experience. Because in the eyes of love Shanghai, customers of a keyword search (in this case, keywords electric district) should be from more angles to show the user search results (rather than uniform is similar to the result of advertising, so the ranking of search results) idea is as follows:

keywords attention electric district in Shanghai love the first three pages of search results. According to the ranking wrote article ranking analysis. Although in the beginning, the electric business circle is the key words belonging to the contest organizers to carry out It is sheer fiction., made out of the. But with the increase of user attention, we can find that:


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