Another identity Google, love Shanghai – domain registrar

Another identity Google, love Shanghai – domain registrar

before the beginning of this paper, the first point is clear, Google, has become a world-class top-level domain registrar, one of the main purpose of it is to be done, the domain name weight information is added to improve the search engine ranking algorithm.

1. valid period, at least can simply tell the webmaster want to hold the domain name, or just to hold short-term after a period of time will be abandoned. Because a to network construction company, is not a bad year tens of dollars the cost of domain name. They will not remember each year to the domain name renewal, so as not to choose a year renewal way. However, a lot of garbage station owners will often choose a year called domain costs, because they are well aware that another year, this domain is still necessary or that can transfer out.

2. for the optimization of the domain name, domain wide domestic trading platform, a lot of people want to increase the weight of the domain name to buy the old domain, however, when the search engine itself is a domain name registrar, they will be able to get directly to the domain name information change details, and then.

search engine will track information related to the analysis of domain name domain name database establishment, such as the domain name owner’s name, e-mail address, mailing address, domain name, expiration time, change the date of the domain name and domain name, such as the transfer of information.

in 2005 February, Google applied for domain name registration, top service providers, this is not familiar with the so-called "gold agent" "silver agent" domain name registration business, but the real sense of the top-level domain registrar. However, over the past few years, Google has also failed to provide domain name registration services, they just said: "it is not the domain registrar, in order to provide domain name registration services, Russia and Japan, in order to improve the quality of the search rankings."

from Shanghai dragon’s point of view, to obtain this information, the search engine can do some of the more useful analysis:

is a more popular argument is that love Google, Shanghai became the domain registrar, just because they can use the domain name registration excuse, to a large number of acquisition and processing of domain name registration information, and to establish their own domain name database.

According to the domain name

is worth mentioning is that many people do not understand the domain name registrar, they feel that Google, love Shanghai as a domain name registrar, get a lot of people can not get the data, the fact is not the case. Google, Shanghai love can get to the domain name registration information and ordinary Internet users use the WHOIS query to is the same, a domain name registrar and enables its other more secret information.

obviously, Google will invest a lot of money to become It is without rhyme or reason. domain registrar, from Shanghai Longfeng point of view, even if Google is not the domain name weight as ranking factors, but at least to actively improve the ratio of weight in the domain name in the ranking algorithm.

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