Do not focus on the optimization of long tail keywords you out

Do not focus on the optimization of long tail keywords you out

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1: mining long tail keywords

3: the content of

2: do long tail keywords optimization

Shanghai dragon has been quite a long period of time, the website keyword optimization is Shanghai dragon ER each repeated every day to do, its purpose is to improve the ranking of words. Keywords and in the main keywords and long tail keywords, long tail keywords is also of great importance in Shanghai dragon, can not only bring about steady flow to the site, is also the site of potential customers. But for the long tail keywords optimization is always a difficult problem, it should be how to optimize the long tail keywords

optimization of long tail keywords, the webmaster should know how to form an effective long tail keywords based on the main key words, according to user search habits to consider. Because of the long tail keywords are not the main keywords can refer to love Shanghai index, so we need to go to the mining industry and personal skills.

This is a good


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if the owners just pay attention to key words, then you really will be gradually eliminated, for example, to do a good keywords ranking, is certainly difficult, but the long tail word, long tail word several far more than a good keyword, so it is why did Lin Jianhui speak today how to do website optimization of the long tail word.

summary: do the above three points, the long tail keywords optimization site will have a significant effect, suggest that you try.

are home to do on the website, actually the website content page is more suitable to do long tail keywords optimization. But the stationmaster should pay attention to, because of the weight of the site content page is relatively low, so the inauguration of Baba Shanghai Longfeng Lin Jianhui recommend content page title to the long tail, so you can focus on weight. Each page of content should be combined with the title and long tail keywords perfect, so as to achieve the optimization of the long tail keywords effect.


do long tail keywords optimization is not only to write the title, but the title and content of the. In the original article in the appropriate amount of long tail keywords, because the original articles are easier to search engine spiders included, so the long tail keywords will be optimized, so as to improve the ranking.

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