How love Shanghai in ten days to achieve 4 weight 1

How love Shanghai in ten days to achieve 4 weight 1

I do the medical website optimization, before going to work every day to check the total love, love Shanghai collected, and ranking, I’m just a member of the public in the webmaster, this article is not what quality is mainly and share my website is only less than ten days, the weight from 1 love Shanghai 4, what I do, I will say with the following. After all, not talking about the high quality of the knowledge of Shanghai Longfeng, are some of my steps, please veterans, in germany.

The following section

well, nonsense not say, cut to the chase, with that, I am in a day, the love of Shanghai weight and traffic to do it, in fact, already said is the original, do you know the Shanghai dragon, the importance of the original article, but who can continue to adhere to the original update every day then, I said, I can, and if you don’t believe, I can see before the article, actually do original really simple.

so what kind of chain belong to high quality, these are some of the old station long talk about the problem, I will simply say it in this.

1. Industry Association of

actually, enhance the love Shanghai weight method is very simple, not what skills, if say by what skills do, should be the original, I believe you and I have been very worried, how to write the original article, I also like this, but I see in the A5 article will understand I believe, I is how to write the original article. [by the image conversion software to create 95% original articles] this is the address of the A5 in here, also thank you for your support to me this article, let the article on the front page of A5 for many days. I hope those who do not know how the original can go see this article should be helpful for you.


picture to you, I hope you optimistic about the snapshot date, because my site is updated snapshot every day, the two pictures below, it can prove that the site of the weight and flow is to rise up within ten days.

this is very important, if you are in the machinery industry, the medical industry forum to do outside the chain, that you do not eat stays all right? Before I optimize this website www.zzxiangnan贵族宝贝/ >

then the original article has been solved, then the chain, believe that you have heard, "content is king, the chain for emperor" content is what I have just said the original article, so the chain, of course, is the high quality of the chain, if you do have a medical station should all know, love Shanghai this year on medical websites are very special attention, not only to do garbage outside the chain website ranking and weight not what, but will affect your site, if your site outside the chain of waste too much, can only be regarded as you love Shanghai station.


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