Under the new rules of Taobao how to effectively enhance the Taobao product search ranking

Under the new rules of Taobao how to effectively enhance the Taobao product search ranking

1, commodity search ranking is the default for the "popular", that is to say the input keyword in the Taobao search box to search out the goods, ranking is ranked according to popularity to goods, and "popular search results" comprehensive "seller credit, favorable rate, the amount sold in 30 days, baby views a collection of popular, baby shelves time" and other factors according to the specific algorithm and the. Understand the search rules is a very important guidance for what we do in the optimization of the baby. The six key factors in the popularity of "commodity ranking" in the role is not the same, there are many search according to the test, in order of importance are: Volume > > of popularity; the credibility of the seller – > – > positive rate; daily goods > baby shelf time.

we start to understand the new rules taobao贵族宝贝 merchandise search ranking:


above is "search elements of popular baby", the search rule only has effect on the search, but as long as the home page click on taobao贵族宝贝 "I want to buy" to search commodity, the results obtained with the "commodity shelf time" and "whether the recommended products showcase" two major factors, and Never mind much of other factors. A large part of buyers is to click on the "I want to buy" to search commodity, so novice sellers need not be so pessimistic. Or that sentence "understand the rules, the rules of

of Taobao when we already know the commodity ranking rules, we can use the rules, we can from the optimization on time, baby title, window recommend, views of popularity, sales and other aspects to promote the commodity search rankings. In order to improve the methods and techniques of ranking search is a lot of goods. Well of course is the "through train", because this is not a natural search ranking system, but to spend money to buy keywords ranking. This is Taobao in order to get more profits and the launch of the service, this can be done by learning through the relevant information to understand. If well used, will quickly open the market. Get more traffic and sales with the least money, that is the value of the train. But if not, it is waiting to burn. Reminder: novice sellers, not what was in the commodity sales, the most.

taobao贵族宝贝 rules change, the earth people know. The new rules introduced, many small sellers really complain incessantly ah, since there is a new rule, the need to understand the new rules, in the face of the new rules, the use of new rules, and not blindly blame.

2, in addition to the popularity of "search results", as well as product keywords, keyword search can be divided into two types: the first law of first order independent keywords keywords + space + second = second + + keywords keywords space, separated by a space of two keywords to search results containing the close arrangement of the resolution; the first keyword + second keywords = the first keyword + special characters + second search keywords, special characters are ignored, the search results without resolution.

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