There are plans to do a website will be able to success

There are plans to do a website will be able to success

from the Internet’s rise to today, there have been tens of thousands of websites were closed because of poor management, and often lead to such reasons are blind do stand no plans, no strategy. For example, website management, leading to the site has long fresh content to let the spider grab was right down. The website was hacked, you cannot of course there is at a loss what to do, insist, no profits and other reasons, Xiao Bian today to discuss with you is a planned strategy to do a website.

every industry has its own rules, and some strategies of today I share with you is yourself in these do stand experience, hope to all the Webmaster Help, of course, also welcomed the shortcomings.

Update in

(three) encountered problems to learn to solve.

search engine algorithm is improved, so a lot of the time we can not reach a standard ranking of search engine, will naturally affect the development of the website. As a Shanghai dragon optimization needs to continue to learn the relevant knowledge, change time understanding of the search engine algorithm, so that it will not only be eliminated by a search engine, is the word "go". Just as today’s search engine is to pay attention to user experience, and this time we need to pay attention to good user experience. So Xiaobian recommend the best day to spend 1 to 2 hours to learn some knowledge of the search engine, so as to learn and progress.

We all know that

(two) learning optimization knowledge constantly.

(a) the need to lay a good foundation.


search engine algorithm every time after we will find the webmaster webmaster forums, QQ group, there are many owners began to complain, but this complaint is actually a kind of escape. In the face of this we cannot change the fact that we need to learn to analyze to solve the problem, rather than evade the problem, complain that the search engine is not fair. This time we want to go to the only methods to solve, this is off >


is a personal website, or from the company’s website, before the site is not on the line, the need to lay a good foundation website, do not be careless. In these years do stand in small series found that many webmaster personality are more impetuous, from the beginning of the site you want to quickly have a good rankings, so as to use some black hat means to improve their website ranking, so as to gain. However, although this approach will soon reach a good ranking, but it is not consistent with the long-term development of the site will give basic principles, even the black hat optimization site lay, let search engine from the beginning of the site has a bad impression, then the day after the development will certainly be affected is not small the. So Xiaobian recommended you if you want your website to have a long-term development, we must build a good foundation for their own website.

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