To understand the essence of Shanghai dragon, away from the Shanghai dragon suspected black hat!

To understand the essence of Shanghai dragon, away from the Shanghai dragon suspected black hat!

But with the

5, in the final analysis to the chain, the chain has a great relationship, why search engines will value these

3, how to make the search engine that my website information is valuable for

search engine on the Shanghai Longfeng pay more and more attention and increasingly stringent requirements, have some common operations of Shanghai Longfeng effectively has gradually become the standard search engine drop right. In the premise of Shanghai dragon trace is too heavy, we must first understand the Shanghai dragon common points:

2, why is this the reason all search engines

first, your website will win the trust of search engine (weight), second to the search engines to clearly understand your site is doing (anchor text).

enhanced reliability of the elements are: the website code is reasonable, stable, and the contents of the original space Web site for a long time, external links… Etc. These are helpful to get the search engine trust.


1, search engine:

4, how to make search engines trust me, and I read the

to provide users with the most valuable information, he will gradually lose his user groups. Example: when you use multiple love Shanghai retrieval can not find their own information, and the application of the 360 search is free we can find the answer, you will be so persistent to love Shanghai as the first search object?

search engine ranking rules, but also by the people to develop, and the formulation of these rules, is a public class website and public users of the Internet habits for reference.

the Shanghai Longfeng entry threshold is very low, so leading to the Shanghai dragon training training institutions everywhere, some incompetent to teach the most is that the essence of Shanghai dragon in the chain is king, the chain for the emperor. But in the actual work of Shanghai dragon, because both the proportion is very high, so many beginners in acting, is also effective.

ranking principleThe principle of

enhanced readability of the elements are: the whole website content keyword density is subject, the internal and external anchor text, external links are what kind of website… Etc. These are key points to read your website search engine.

found hard to do the internal website, there are some key words or notes, will give a link to jump to the corresponding page details, which will enhance the user experience, let the people browse this page access is very convenient, and the internal links.

all search engines are to let users to quickly retrieve the information they need, that is to say the search engine must search users to provide the most valuable information.

? ?Because when the search engine from the

for the development of the search engine ranking rules for:


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