This seven wrong site, do you have

This seven wrong site, do you have

in the design of a web site, the site should be considered from the top down the length of that is how many screens, general control in the 15 screen within our most important and core show. If the page length too long words, the user can not be pulled down in the end, will soon lose interest in the site.

and the title of the party about this, the user to click on this link, the title must be attracted in the past, the results of the show is some irrelevant web pages, the first page is the user choose to leave, so it must be true, deceive users will eventually cheated myself, also caused the loss of users in large quantities.

3, no

4, click on the

search boxWhen the

2 site long length

McGrady have seen some websites pop ads, advertising content page, antithetical couplet advertising within the chain at the bottom of the head, jump to the advertising page…… Really hate ads all over the page allows users to click on, do not know what will be your first reaction? I will choose to directly close the site anyway, I won’t go to this website.


a good website should be like a supermarket, the overall layout is rational, visitors can easily find the content they need. On the contrary, those out of order, looking at the layout irrelevant confused ", absolutely not favored by the users.


but some owners in order to attract users to stay a bit longer, or attract them to click on the link, make a lot of effort to make users objectionable design, the extreme poor user experience is generated.

have said: people rely on clothes horse saddle.

website a lot of content, the user wants to find he want to see the content, which requires a search box to help users quickly find what he needs, if not for the search, the user will feel at a loss and don’t know what the view.

publishing out of order is not readable

website "content is king" should be changed to "quality is king", which requires the web site content is original, the readability of the article is to give users see, false.


1, a lot of advertising


website with advertising is very normal, after all, advertising is a part of the webmaster in advertising revenue, but we the quantity and quality of position, must be controlled, otherwise it is easy to cause the user in the site, immediately turn off the old customer return rate is very low.

When the induced

said in our website is also very appropriate, a clean fresh web page, often give visitors first impression very deep, become loyal fans of our website also increased many chances.


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