Diversification we are not too love but love the sea.

Diversification we are not too love but love the sea.

Three, the diversification of

, the 2 page diversification, especially in the chain. The old hook tested, if every day to update the article in the article are on top of the anchor text, just started late, the spider crawling spider crawling frequency will decrease; on the contrary, the anchor text of each article appeared in different position, different sections, it will naturally go to the spider crawling.

at present, we are still in "the chain for emperor" era, for the construction of the chain of the importance of the old hook is not much to say. However, if every day is repeated in several blog outside the chain, then love Shanghai for the chain in recognition will be less and less. Therefore, we do the chain, there is more than a blog, forums, and columns, and friends of the chain, and so on, often to love Shanghai to feed some fresh contents, love will love Shanghai.

page layout diversification

1, website layout diversification, especially the update region. If the home has 5 daily update call area, so it is necessary to update the call in the 5 regions respectively update articles, keep fresh, and not only in a region of the article, this will lead to other areas by spiders ignored;

, a website positioning diverse

this point there is no doubt that the acquisition is not desirable, pseudo original articles, the effect is not good, the general effect of low quality of original high quality original article is king. Maybe some people will say, "now many websites are still collecting, ranking and traffic is very good ah". Indeed, now due to the love of Shanghai algorithm is still not perfect, but it does not mean that algorithm has not perfect. Completely copy and paste the others, be punished sooner or later thing.

people love Shanghai as a woman, born love makeup, so the website to often change; some say Shanghai is like the old man, every day.

four, the chain diversification of



according to statistics, 70% of divorced families, because life weary couple, immutable and frozen and family life. People are not immutable and frozen, we love; love Shanghai immutable and frozen site, also don’t love. Today, the flower, the old count hook love Shanghai as a webmaster, we not only need to change, and often change, so as to meet the "playboy" love Shanghai.

love Shanghai "Shanghai dragon", it is not difficult to see, ranked first to tenth from the natural, almost positioning is different, Shanghai forum, Shanghai dragon dragon query tools, Shanghai encyclopedia, Shanghai dragon dragon, Shanghai Phoenix News blog. Similarly, search recruitment and other words, love is still different Shanghai home location site. There is little home 10 is full of all the forum or blog. Therefore, we also need to put in the early site, site and the existing site has obvious orientation distinction, so that they may have a multiplier effect.

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