Discussion a thought of Shanghai dragon ER! Don’t do T workers!

Discussion a thought of Shanghai dragon ER! Don’t do T workers!

Shanghai dragon this industry is passive. In this industry, is actually rely on search engines to industry, too much dependent on the search engine. The search engine algorithm is changeable, as the website optimization, act to see the search engine "face". To constantly adjust the Shanghai dragon optimization strategy, to adapt to the search engine algorithm update.

second, Shanghai dragon Er is actually a very complex technology, many need to understand. Hear this, people laugh, Shanghai dragon is not outside the chain? You also need to understand what? Then you twice. "

Besides the necessary Shanghai dragon

the industry is a hot industry, but not necessarily will exist forever. Hear this, don’t panic, in which industries are the same, have rise and fall. Rest assured, as long as the search engine, then search engine optimization demand. Even if the search engine, the future one day disappeared, there will still be a search behavior, as long as the search behavior, there will be demand for search. For example: Taobao ranking baby needs to be optimized? Micro-blog will have a keyword optimization requirement? So don’t listen to the "Shanghai dragon doomsday" jittery.

first to understand the current situation of Shanghai dragon industry

engaged in Shanghai dragon Er this occupation quality and ability of

for me, although I am not a have many years of experience in Shanghai dragon er. However, Xu Dalian through the network view, whether it is just getting started or, or engaged in this industry for several years or for the industry and Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon Er this occupation, should have a clear understanding, and their own independent thinking! Don’t do will only send outside the chain of execution, but also to a thought of Shanghai dragon Er


first, Shanghai dragon is not an ordinary technology, who will not. Some people say that it has no technical content, is not what technology. A rookie webmaster general, are more or less will point Shanghai dragon skills. So, you are wrong! If we say that English is very popular among college students, who will speak English, so that everyone can be the English translation? If the daily life, who will cook the life skills, not starve to death, so that everyone can be the hotel chef? You are the first to be a Fish-Flavored Shredded Pork. Specialize in. Shanghai dragon Er, this is the truth. Shanghai Longfeng knowledge, although the network is very popular, the network that Xu. However, flooding on the Internet called Shanghai Longfeng knowledge, can be ordinary people see the knowledge of Shanghai dragon, actually are some of the most basic theoretical knowledge or some outdated skills Shanghai dragon only, then some personal written text, are not mature or even misleading personal opinions. Real knowledge, you can’t easily get for free on the Internet, people know the essence of Shanghai Longfeng, few people will share with you. The most important thing is, even if the theoretical knowledge, you know, there is no practical experience is absolutely feasible.

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