Shanghai dragon to analysis step by step to start from the details

Shanghai dragon to analysis step by step to start from the details

analysis of 4. spider:

analysis of 1. industries:

why do spiders analysis? How to analyze the spider? I believe we all know the love of spiders in Shanghai is just a machine, it is not a person, but it is also in imitation of human, so it is very important for the analysis of spider. How to analyze the spider? Use the mainland and Hongkong space can be found in a LOG file in FTP background. This file records a day and spider crawling and user access record.

also have doubts, do not do the Shanghai dragon is ranked as flow, why do traffic analysis? Actually do flow process analysis in Shanghai Longfeng this link is very important. We can use the webmaster statistics daily traffic record, do statistics, calculate the user’s access time, viscosity, bounce rate etc.. Change view access to the user, is through what channel access. These are very important.

analysis believe that everyone is clear, we optimize a website the most important job is to do keyword analysis, keyword can be divided into 3 categories, the main keywords and long tail keywords and super long tail word. We can use the keyword mining tools these keywords mining were classified and analyzed one by one. Then in accordance with the difficulty of optimization keyword classification.

why do the industry analysis? This is very simple, if you are a web site optimization in the industry, such as: moving company, since to your site is about to move, and the move is for the site area, so the first thing to do is to analyze the local moving company industry competition. Keywords search for high heat of the top three page top domain? The chain, and the station optimization to do good, to make a record, after the analysis.

LOG files can be downloaded to the local, analyzing tools using light log, and then analyzes one by one, since the search engine spiders crawl the page and residence time, analysis is not love Shanghai included the page was played spider. If there is no chain that can be appropriate to do this page to attract a spider to climb up. If the crawl but were not included, so it is necessary to analyze the quality of the page.


3. flow rate:

The analysis of The four item analysis of

this technology to China popular nearly 10 years, like the original Shanghai Longfeng the operation is very simple, as long as can try to do keyword optimization. When the means are called black hat search engine, updated continuously, so that the black hat nowhere to hide. Shanghai dragon industry gradually began to popular white hat healthy development. This also makes higher demands for the employees of Shanghai dragon. Not only to know the optimization, it is more important to understand the analysis, step by step implementation, start from the details.

Shanghai dragon

analysis of 2. key words:

data: first, Shanghai dragon

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