Share finally understand bidding in expenditure

Share finally understand bidding in expenditure

is widely used at the search behavior of the user’s view, but there are many unexpected keywords will be found, so we can further expand the keyword thesaurus, etc. this account to burn a month’s time, under the collection of data about the situation can choose the throttle.

for more than a year, half a year ago also participated in a bidding training, the teacher repeatedly mentioned a key is to. Do the bidding is the core of the word to see a fraud is also very easy to understand, but when you really to have a good effect is really understand, I often say you know one thing to understand one thing is different, understand one thing to do it again this thing is different, I just to talk to me on the four words to understand today.

the way I is used in this way, you first set up the transformation path, to see which keywords consumed a lot of no conversion, at this time if you click on a large quantity, can be deleted. If it is clicked before two or three, no inquiry can keep. Wait for a longer time of observation data. If a keyword 10 clicks are not the inquiry situation can be deleted or cut. Of course, there is a critical value, the critical value is out of my own. For example, your website enquiries rate of 10% on average, the keyword enquiry rate is lower than the average value of your site that it is pulled back, and we can also refer to another factor is the conversion costs, if the keyword click price is very low, the cost is transformed in your conversion below cost, it also can leave the.

first talk about open source, if this is a new account or the one you do not understand this industry, you have to run a circle of data, the tuition fees must be paid, do the bidding of veterans who are very knowledgeable about. This time you can according to your budget to choose the key stage, my view is under the more adequate budget is as long as the industry keywords run again. Now love Shanghai is not launched by matching bid? This is just can be used.


so round and round, those without conversion keywords or low conversion, conversion to the high cost of last word will be eliminated, leaving the keywords all is fine. Thinking here also want to declare a point is that we must stand in the global perspective, such as some keywords why not translate? Perhaps keywords and there is no problem, but there is no good content support. Don’t put the whole board.

Through screening

with this account further mature, can in fact, even in the way of wide closed, of course this look at your budget, if the budget is enough or can be opened. Because of the widespread has the advantage that can know the user’s search behavior and extension word, if one accounts for more than a year if you of this industry, you better to master the extensive search behavior can completely close, and can save a sum of money, put the money in a more valuable on keywords.

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