Shanghai new Shanghai dragon love algorithm adjustment optimization work how to how to deal with

Shanghai new Shanghai dragon love algorithm adjustment optimization work how to how to deal with

love is how Shanghai is fresh, original content, high degree of user experience content is search engine of love. Shanghai Longfeng test to the optimization of the workers of the moment is also experience at this time, not because of your ranking not to other search engines, so you may get a contrary result. Perhaps you may make the site more bad. So for the love Shanghai algorithm adjustment, can also make some appropriate adjustments according to their website:

some time ago home once again to its algorithm is not a small scale adjustment, the Shanghai dragon optimization mechanism and some Shanghai Longfeng workers headache ah! Originally ranking good rankings to the whole not a few days ago, we Shenzhen Shanghai dragon and Phoenix optimization lovers chatted together this some colleagues feel depressed ah! Is not so serious there is always a way. This is online I found some optimization analysis results of Shanghai dragon master, we can supply these optimization measures of Shanghai Longfeng workers.

five, to further suppress some trade of heavy color website, greatly enhance the website weight non profit, especially in Shanghai love products have not yet enveloped into words, the NetEase blog became the biggest winner, with a round of Sina blog by Shanghai dragon craze, the NetEase became the Shanghai dragon blog the workers of the object.

love Shanghai new algorithm to adjust the results of the analysis are as follows

) The weight of

, a love of their products. The sea weight increased, the love of Shanghai in the audit process is more strict. Effective control of some misleading information, to solve the shortage of powerful assistant search results by relevance, provide reliable information to users. The weight of love in his Shanghai encyclopedia series of products is more than the love of Shanghai know. (we do not wish to search some cosmetic brand keywords try, look at the weight row weight know love Shanghai love Shanghai know high or high)

three, Shanghai dragon optimization space than the original to shrink a lot, page optimization space hot keywords from the 7-8 position before is also reduced to 2-3. At the same time, there are traces of the optimization of the site weight reduced, ranking the advantage of losses, and even some directly eliminated;

four, associated with the key words of high and popularity of ordinary enterprise website weight was promoted and entered the home page ranking

The search engine giant

how to deal with love Shanghai is:

, two industry websites and portals also increased (Experiment

six, by viewing the ranking station external links, they found that PR and the chain is not a lot of links are also some very natural links, but these sites PR and domain name registration time is still very long, love Shanghai or tendency and the old domain name, and the Shanghai Dragon Phoenix were punished.

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