Keyword density how many

Keyword density how many

finally remind yourself: "key words must be natural, I believe the future of each search engine keyword density dependence is more and more small.

also can use boldface, italics to emphasize key words, but the one or two is enough.

in the search engine spiders to index the web page, page topic judgment first select "words most of the words to determine the theme, so as to establish a classification index for your content, then this keyword appears appropriate? How many keyword density best? How to calculate the keywords of the layout of the location is good?


can be in the front of the body, which is the first paragraph of the first sentence into words, this is a more important factor.

keyword is the key to any website, keywords is by way of search engine users to obtain the relevant results.

keyword should appear in the title tag inside the title tag, Title Tag is a very important factor at present, should contain your most important keywords.

"how many suitable keyword density is a problem that many Shanghai dragon Er are concerned, the keyword density of meaning: used to measure the total number of keyword density of keywords in the page of the text and other proportion, generally expressed as a percentage. The page relative to the total number of words, words appear more frequently, keyword density is greater.


HTML label


many predecessors have answered this question. The answer is: 2-8%, 3-7%, less than 10%, 5% or so, you choose it. Keyword density is a vague concept and not absolute. According to their own experience (new home page) is around 5%, too high will lead to love Shanghai "is not included, this is the noble baby doesn’t matter much, soso is also very care about this.

as long as you normally write keywords will appear in the text. It is best to put keywords in the title heading, H1-H3 has a higher weight than ordinary text, which is logical, because the title is of course this article should be discussed.


the following quote: ZAC for keywords page optimization

in the Description Tag label, Keyword label keywords Tag, image ALT tags can be put into words, but do not pay attention to keyword stuffing.

can also be in the "most of them on the bottom of the keywords, of course should be logical and grammar, and the user friendly.

keyword in the web page of text

Shanghai dragon

layout location should be the first choice of title, the first 150 characters appear more appropriate, other suitable location natural layout OK.

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