How to make love Shanghai rapid update your website snapshot

How to make love Shanghai rapid update your website snapshot


for the novice webmaster website snapshot is a headache, a website snapshot speed can directly affect the entire web site and the level of weight, so we want to make your site to do so, to improve the search engine on our website snapshot update speed is essential, so today to rookie webmaster to share some of my personal experience, the hope can help to you.


2. there are many novice webmaster listen to buy black chain rumors, said what to buy black chain can let keyword rapid increase, although many people practice is having some effect, but the effect is very short, because the search engines know this is cheating, so the next will give very serious punishment, resulting in the site includes domain name into all love Shanghai blacklist, so this method is not to try to crooked ways.

refused the temptation of crooked waysAlways check the Links

3. Links many owners are more concerned about the small, mostly on the left end exchange links it to go to there, in fact, this is not enough, we must do every day one of which is to check your site Links, Links to exchange high quality especially is very fast, and the webmaster every day update site, only such a high quality Links can drive your site.

The content and the overwhelming

The specific steps are as follows:

1. networks are now a lot of repetitive, often a lot of is an article by some modifications and then toss about posted, last member browse this article knew there used to read, which leads to poor user experience, so a website of the original search engine is crucial. Love is also very original content, I like this charm as the network are updated every day, the snapshot is very good. As long as your site every day there are a few good original articles so your site will be search engine spiders love to give you a snapshot of the update time.

what is love Shanghai snapshot, look at the red box part.

1. new clean original content

will make love Shanghai timely, frequent updates to your site, must have the following 5 points:


4. do not rent space petty

4. space for a web site is the soul of the site is essential, for our previous owners choice here I’ll give you some advice and suggestions, a website is good or bad largely depends on the degree of space velocity of the website is fast or slow, if very slow card >


5. must have perseverance and determination to unremittingly

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