Some key points to promote local website early

Some key points to promote local website early

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The initial

local website search engine promotion is very important, the new local website as soon as possible as much as possible by search engines, more pages were included to bring traffic to the site more. At present, the local professional website is relatively small, with the content of the website is constantly updated, slightly do search engine optimization, some local popular keyword can have good ranking in search engines.


search engine promotion

with the development of the Internet, we continue to lower the threshold, all kinds of sites have emerged. On the one hand, the rapid growth of Internet users, promote network from the beginning of the development to the direction of integrated subdivision. On the other hand, the traditional portal began to expand local channels. At the same time, all kinds of local characteristics of the site continues to rise, some have become a leader in the local site. Such as Hangzhou 19floor, Nanjing Xicihutong, Beijing eight network has good prospects for development. On the basis of local advantages, the development of local websites has become a new trend in the establishment of the. Now the site is not a problem, the main problem is a generalization of the following, we talk about the details of how to do early local website promotion:

advertising leaflets

internet promotion this way with webmasters, is one of the commonly used means of promotion. Internet cafes for local users to focus on the Internet site. So the promotion for the Internet market is relatively important, the Internet market competition is fierce, the general price is every computer a month a yuan of money, of course, if you can get free Internet resources.

link exchange

site early try to do some exchange links, especially the local government and media websites Link Exchange is conducive to improving the user website brand trust, even can exchange links the local website into a local site navigation effect. The difference between exchange links and other promotion methods is the biggest saving time and energy, and persistent effect. Local site exchange links to sites are generally small, timely updates need to exchange links. The owners do not have the energy to do other aspects of promotion, exchange links must maintain good local website. Of course, if you are a new people and you do not want to do is how to do? Is very simple, buy the connection, you go to the sale of Admin5 connection area post, there will be a lot of people and you sell their advertising links, if not, it will take the initiative to find local influential websites directly buy advertising and a link.

facilities include TV and bulletin billboards. This promotion cost is higher, the website can not be considered. We have a local webmaster do a website, he is doing the garbage box above the dustbin of local advertising, city main road above all he had to do on the website advertising, low cost, and no better than the propaganda platform advertising effect.

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