Share the experience of five steps of keyword research website

Share the experience of five steps of keyword research website

: first understand the keyword search results

second: see title number of search results


third for

Keywords Study on the steps of the

when you love Shanghai in search keywords, the search results are not entirely correct, because the love of Shanghai will make some segmentation results containing the keywords. To understand keywords accurate search results, we must give keywords in double quotes, so it is the most accurate search results.

keyword is basically these five aspects, of course, some of the key.

4, the search results in more than ten million: belong to the popular word, this word in time, the difficulty is difficult, the general team model to optimize, and have sufficient resources to support, in order to obtain the ideal ranking.


keyword must have the search volume, if no one search, even if the keyword do first no flow, numerical analysis refers to the use of Google webmaster tools, love Shanghai index and some third party software, in the observation of the time to pay attention to how to identify false benchmark, index.

3, the search results in about five million: to belong to medium term, optimization strategies are required to support optimization efforts.

2, the search results in about one million key words: a common word, one can slightly increase the optimization efforts.

each will have the presence of competitors, and you must have the statistics of competitors, such as domain name, web site included life value, Google PR value, Links number, chain number, station optimization, the quality situation, these must be carefully recorded as a reference

Keywords: !Keywords:

keyword advertising auction is more representative of the keywords have the value, but the search results page if there is ten, you can consider giving up the words, even if you spend a lot of time to optimize the word, after the row to the first, because there are ten bidding advertising before, so obtained traffic is very small, sometimes we have to know how to choose.

1, about five hundred thousand of the words in the search results: belonging to popular words, after optimization is easier on the home page.

fourth: Observation of rival

is for the general domestic love Shanghai, so the next data is to love Shanghai search engine as the standard.

Although the

in optimizing website ranking, keyword research is the most important step, a step wrong, all is lost. In fact, keyword research has great knowledge, first of all have to start from each word heat, results, advertising, competition and other aspects, only the selection of keywords, the late work will not waste.


fifth index analysis

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