Shanghai Longfeng optimization site keywords construction of four skills

Shanghai Longfeng optimization site keywords construction of four skills

keyword in the title (title tag) in the highlight is recognized as the most important in the whole of Shanghai dragon in the work, of course, the choice of keywords is the priority among priorities, is the basis of all the work. This is generally regarded as the most important piece of HTML tags. The page title keywords are generally placed 3-4 keywords, can be used to separate |. Key words highlighted in the page title in the search site can give a good clear information, you can understand very simple theme of the website content. To help you see the first web site in the search results. A good keyword highlights, can greatly improve your website hits, for example also appear in the top 5 search engine home site search is likely because think you have Keywords tag with the "touching" and the first visit your website, website conversion rate increase. For example, my blog title wrote:

The For example, where the

keyword must highlight your website theme, while conforming to the target group of the search habits. Different pages have different keywords, which is conducive to the overall ranking. Here mention, in the noble baby algorithm, has virtually ignored the keyword HTML label in tag. A key skill is the key to show up in the title of the website.


shirt Abstract:

technique two highlights in the summary page (assumes importance)

skills: a highlight keywords in the title of the page (assumes importance.)

, "Inner Mongolia Shanghai dragon", "Hohhot network promotion", "Hohhot Shanghai dragon" is my key. And in place to make the main keywords keywords front, back before they can join your web site name or the company name or blog name, because the site is not what the early establishment of your fame, not necessary to speak your name on the front, no one will go to search.


search engine in the display of the user’s search results, the first show is the title of the page, this is a set of the importance of skills, secondly in the title below will display the 60-70 word "abstract, may also be a summary of your article. Abstract of user habits back to the site after reading the title, if you have to show you the keywords, while the content design is also reasonable to attract people, so you have to click on the site and the rate will rise. It is worth mentioning that, with search engine research expert analysis, we Chinese is a nation of patience, Chinese will patiently read the first page of the title and abstract of all sites. So even if we no longer home website, we also need to pay attention to highlight the keywords in the abstract.

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< title> Inner Mongolia Shanghai dragon | Hohhot network promotion | Hohhot Shanghai dragon < /title>

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