Analysis of the local tourism portal page optimization method

Analysis of the local tourism portal page optimization method

Meta tag is nothing more than the title tag, Keywords tag and description tag, the three tags for optimizing sites play a crucial step, but also the optimization step personnel the most attention, so in three on the label to do some research.

for the local tourism portal website, want to get a good result in this holiday, especially those fledgling local tourism network, page optimization is particularly important, think talent shows itself from the competition, and they want to face their tour page optimization, although web page optimization is but for a commonplace talk of an old scholar of the present situation, optimization of local tourism websites need special main web page. By the author with you some analysis, method of local tourism portal page optimization.


Optimization of


as the saying goes: people rely on clothes, the Buddha by gold, dress is very important. This sentence reflects a good side to learn to make their own decoration, from the inside to the outside is very special, but the website is also to follow the rules. At present, the tourism golden holiday is coming, a lot of local travel portal has been rising, which also makes the page optimization local tourism website by many Shanghai dragon Er concern.

Optimization of

Title: the title tag should pay attention to, when writing the title keyword appears once, if very long words can appear two keywords, make its natural appearance. For example: "Guizhou tourism online _ Guizhou most authoritative professional tourism website" can be seen containing the target keywords "Guizhou tourism" and "network" and other words in this passage, so the search engine will think that the title tag contains certain keywords.

Optimization of Keywords:

Figure 1:

keywords, description tags: I think these two labels to optimize already has nothing to do with, but will not bring the consequences of excessive optimization, it can be cut to optimize Keywords tag, description tag, but not to cut down, although not to the description tag website optimization, but it is very important for the user experience, so to do optimization, you can write some attractive and readable words as described.

for example has suggested that the cut Oh, so here is not for example. Is mainly the description tag, description tags directly affect the user experience, you can say: "to provide the most comprehensive Guizhou tourism Guizhou tourism Raiders share for you, Guizhou tours Daquan and quotation, team line customization, and various hotel booking and travel car rental, conference reception service. Tel: xxxx–xxxxxxx "these words I think is attractive to users, and users to search the contents of.

a Meta tag,

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