The difference between love and Shanghai Google search results to analyze their ranking mechanism

The difference between love and Shanghai Google search results to analyze their ranking mechanism

loves Shanghai ranked more weight, and then consider the correlation based on the weights, while Google value relevance, and then consider the weight. This is why the new station is hard to love Shanghai included, even if the original is no exception, and even if the collection is also very difficult to have good rankings, Google basically can grab to be included, and there is a correlation between the word search will also have good ranking.

article submission from the jade portal 贵族宝贝yuxuanyin贵族宝贝/ Shanghai dragon /539.html reproduced please keep this information, not very grateful.

is just having a little problem with my website maintenance, want to modify dedecms RSS template file, but do not know in which folder, seek the help of a search engine, the first to find the love of Shanghai, I found the word "dream website map template file", because instead of directly using RSS can’t find want to use the site map, but the result is contrary, the search results are as follows:

since Google exit Chinese, love Shanghai exclusive Chinese search this big cake, but netizens know, accurate search results love Shanghai is far better than Google, which will be held to their respective ranking mechanism. Next we will through the field of love Shanghai and two Google search results to analyze their ranking mechanism.

, completely unable to find what you want, is not to the point of information, did not have any relationship with the site map. Look at Google search results:

on the results are related to the site map, point in can find the answer you want. Then we may have a doubt, why love Shanghai search to all the correlation is not very high, but Google has such a high correlation, were careful not difficult to see from the two screenshot, have not found love in Shanghai found almost all of the home page, and Google search to the is the inside pages (fourth, fifth of Google’s results are within the page, look at the title, just behind the URL did not show it), this is the difference between what I want to introduce the love of Shanghai and Google ranking system, of course, this is purely personal guess, for reference only.

This Summary:


love Shanghai and great contrast Google ranking mechanism based on Shanghai dragon Er should look for direction, and toward this direction [right] sex only by the accumulation of steady progress, Shanghai, that is the accumulation of weight, and the weight of the accumulation of high-quality content to rely on a large number of polymerization, and the weight is not only home accumulation is ZhengZhan weight accumulation, so it is Google, I think the best way to do the long tail word, long tail word large enough to achieve a small website.


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