Keywords ranking how to surpass competitors

Keywords ranking how to surpass competitors

home page layout


do not blindly in pursuit of visual effect, while ignoring the most basic needs of users, I came here to get information. Do not use a lot of pictures or flash, one of these things may affect the download speed, before the user does not open your site, he had chosen to leave, then you again gorgeous and what is the meaning of it.

2, Mo Hua and not real


two, imitation of competitors

Jin Yong’s martial arts novels of the heroes in the river walk, not from decades of hard work, to practice Kung Fu again coming out. Do Shanghai dragon is the same, we go out in the promotion before, first base our website to play well, it is better done in the lining, and then packed promotion. As the entertainment stars, if not only rely on self repair, packaging is only speculation, but not evergreen flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum. So for the site, we should do what the basic


home page is a site of the facade, its design will directly affect the user experience, but also affect the search engine on your website impression. The home page must be clear with your website, including color, logo etc.. You could let users quickly remember symbols and quickly understand the

The first


site architecture and procedures are completed, so you’ll be ready to walk out, also is the site of the online. On the line every day to update the 2~3 original articles, these articles are the basic skills test, for you after you have a master hand’s first small display, the confidence to make a living away from home if there is, please continue to look down.

, a master hand’s first small display strength trainingBefore framework is clear ,

code should be concise, and the program code should be safe, of course, any program is flawed, but to have found loopholes, we should prepare in the program.


page layout must be clear, subject to clear, let users after the first glance to know who you are and what you can do, what you can offer the users? In the clear information, is to guide the user step by step website, allowing users to look after also want to see the second the eyes, third eyes, until your web site to your favorites. (favorites, you know this skill?) if you can allow users to your website homepage, then congratulations, you have been the industry brand.


The contents of

a good architecture as a city landmark, let pedestrians smoothly, on the other hand, a good framework, as people could not find direction in the maze. What is a good framework, we must first meet the majority of the user’s browsing habits, not to ignore the user experience new in order to be different.


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