Love Shanghai keyword search rankings by the enterprise supplementary prosecution dispute again

Love Shanghai keyword search rankings by the enterprise supplementary prosecution dispute again

in 2010, when the company wants to "Uncle Tom shoes" as the key words of love Shanghai, but was told that the key has been another company registered the bid.

with the plaintiff

"this is in the use of our reputation to attract customers." Mr. Duan believes that the defendant company alleged trademark infringement.

"this is likely speculation." The company responsible person Mr. Wang somewhat helpless, he is sure not to take advantage of others to do brand promotion. Because the company in Chongqing has dozens of stores, the company’s brand is one of the best in the country.

the company was founded in 1998, and registered the "Uncle Tom" brand, currently has more than 20 stores in the Chongqing area. The company’s legal adviser Mr. Duan told reporters that in 2007, the company will set up their own websites, start the network promotion of "Uncle Tom" brand, including love Shanghai keyword promotion.


not long after the end of the trial, the plaintiff and the Shanghai company for an additional second to the defendant. Yesterday, the morning news reporters sued the Shanghai love cases were investigated.

said that the company initially used "Uncle Tom" as key words, as long as the search for "Uncle Tom" fell in love with the sea, the first company web site will appear in search results. He said, from the establishment of the website to love Shanghai keyword promotion, at least has invested about 100000. "It has achieved a certain brand promotion effect."

trial, the plaintiff is an art shoe company in Chengdu, the company’s chairman and lawyers are sitting on the plaintiff. The defendant is a leather care company in Chongqing, they hired two lawyers.

spent about 100000 to do the promotion, but the position of Zaoqiang


Mr. Wang told reporters that their company leather care also attaches great importance to network promotion, in Shanghai love to search "shoes" and "leather protective.

The defendant refused to accept the

said that Shanghai was in love keyword search results first, "Uncle Tom shoes – XX chain of leather care institutions", click on the link, to this chain of leather care institutions website. The name of this chain, is a brand of the defendant company.

recently, the first intermediate people’s court hearing trademark infringement disputes. Because the two companies love Shanghai keyword search results ranking problem, court.

want to find many Internet users browse the web, often turn to the search engine website, enter the keyword search. Therefore, more and more businesses begin to pay close attention to keyword search results, want their web links as far as possible before. In the process of "competitive", will inevitably have some problems and even disputes, but eventually went to court……

website has nothing to do with us, the speculation in

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