Website optimization keywords positioning strategy of enterprises

Website optimization keywords positioning strategy of enterprises

everyone is clear, the establishment of the enterprise was not in order to exchange the name card with a WWW logo. Our purpose is to use the site to help the traditional marketing mode. Before an article mainly introduces some views on the website of the search engines, I want to talk about how to choose keywords website today.

keyword tool to find the key words also can improve our efficiency. >

web site operators, because very familiar with their own industry and products, in the choice of keywords when you think users will not rule out the word search users will search. In fact, many users and businesses want to is not the same. So, as far as possible consultation in the choice of keywords and your friends and relatives, if they need this kind of product will search and collect what word.

5, use tools to search for keywords

keyword selection is a very important part of the Shanghai dragon, only after the correct choice of site keywords, to make Shanghai Longfeng work to better carry out. Because, after setting up the key words, behind the content construction, the result of a link, the construction of the external links are carried out around the keyword. The direct access to the theme of enterprise website how to locate keywords. I think there are the following points:

this point is well understood, cold word search is very low, even if the key words do love Shanghai / noble baby first, bring the flow is minimal; keywords not overheating, because hot keywords is often accompanied by high intensity of competition, since this is timely pay a lot of time and energy are may not reach our expectations (keyword search heat can refer to the Shanghai index and noble love baby trend).



With the

2, words and site theme related

1, not the "cold" and "hot" can not be too

4, observe the competitors get the keyword

The Compared to This is to be distinguished from the

3, stand in the perspective of the user keywords

if the keywords and theme of the site does not meet, can be said to even get good rankings the significance is not large. If a cosmetics sales site, if it is related to the keyword positioning garment, as can be imagined to access your site through search engines, is also interested in clothes for your website itself is not helping. There is no such sales flow, flow and

analysis of competitors can draw a lot of useful information about the keyword here. Can you list some competitors website, and observe what are they used in the choice of keywords keywords, this can save a lot of time, but there is little need to pay attention to the key words for competitors to conduct a screening, remove the quality of some words.

have what use?

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