Love the sea index upgrade tool

Love the sea index upgrade tool

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my blog has been personally written, every one is the original content, for the love of Shanghai system upgrade, I had high expectations, but wait to be disappointed. Not only included reduced, even the original Shanghai dragon ranking disappeared, it is right down the possibility of blog, maybe it is a fire. The blog from the on-line date, have followed the original principles of each article are bloggers write, but blog content has been a large number of pirated collection of original content, I have not been included, the pirates pirated my article was included, the search engine is likely to put my blog as a piracy to deal with, so the blog drop right.

some of the weight of high site, has been doing the piracy activities, depending on the weight, pressure is in the development of numerous small sites, so many small sites stillborn, even have no chance to see the light. Once an original article is looking after you are unable to adults, the probability of survival rate of this site will become very low. I have seen many small sites by acquisition of large portal, including your own blog, and the only thing we can do, is to watch these pirates stealing, but no way, and we have business website, eventually facing bankruptcy cases.

, thank you!

for this upgrade, the one I love is to suffer, Shanghai is to upgrade the system 24 announcement, and my blog in 19, the amount collected from about 300 direct suddenly dropped to 10, and is now in the past one week, the amount collected is still not normal, the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform view the data, from 19 to 26, has been included for 1, site directly with the WWW domain name, found only 10 records, and the page does not exist, site without the 3W domain name, but can see the home page, but with the front page of 3W still can not see.

through the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform news, we see the love Shanghai upgraded the indexing tool, fell in love with the sea says, after the upgrade, the index will be more accurate, and high quality content will give priority to be included, this time after the upgrade, most of the sites included, will increase the amount of. Please refer to more love Shanghai Webmaster Platform:

if you think good thoughts, also may be the search engine database temporarily, my blog data is not correct, but the probability is not very high, but it is his own comfort, but what is the truth, but also need to wait a long time, can not jump to conclusions, but I always have a firm belief, no matter who to piracy, regardless of whether the blog is down right, I will stick to my original. I hope this love Shanghai index tool after the upgrade, can be more clear judgment on the original article is given, a reduction of a fair, don’t let that disgusting thief succeed piracy.

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