Facebook Home to seize the mobile nternet traffic.

Facebook Home to seize the mobile nternet traffic.

6 Messenger can promote Facebook become cross platform iMessage, is likely to be more than iMessage, the Tencent WeChat instant communication tools to spread the.

1, Facebook Home between App and OS (App operating system) opened up a new space, will form a situation of tripartite confrontation with Android, iOS situation in the mobile field.

mobile Internet traffic for the war intensified, Facebook "martial" fan more and more foot. In Britain and other countries, Facebook is almost all mobile platforms on the most commonly used application. Facebook does not produce its own brand mobile phone Facebook mobile phone, but will be everywhere, since Home went public, I believe we all agree with this view. Analysts believe that, Facebook Home and Android iPhone devices will lead to a new war. What Facebook Home will change the

occupy all >

may bring what changes?Many people think that

5 in the mobile terminal to replace the Google, as infrastructure providers, to a certain extent by other Android application developers throat.


3 when the Android mobile phone lock screen and home was completely occupied by the Facebook real time cover information flow, users can get more accurate personal data, in the future we can launch more targeted advertising, more mobile advertising revenue.

Facebook Messenger, mobile phone, mobile phone SMS / email, Events calendar, Facebook voice, mobile phone communications, Graph Search, mobile phone browser, Instagram, mobile phone camera… Take pictures, play games, watch videos, micro-blog chat, all aspects of people’s lives will be launched around the Facebook.

4 Home of Android is not changed, it is compatible with Google Android update, Facebook users will get more, at the same time will provide great help for Google beyond apple.

Facebook Home

Facebook in an attempt to "mobile Internet" users play, Home will provide a comprehensive social mobile end user experience for the Facebook Home interface can be many operations, such as:

2 Home to the mobile phone into a relationship center, mobile phone is not only a mobile phone, but a social integration center, information, all aspects of people’s lives and around Facebook.

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