On the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing and selling

On the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing and selling

Several C2C

website at taobao.com led by a large number of so-called "consignment" stores, because many sites under the eye of passion and also a wholesale banner to attract a large number of entrepreneurs, will get free registration packet, do not spend a penny to open the era of e-commerce itself, become the "one network"; but they did not know these consignment business is really put these entrepreneurs harm, why would I say so?

from the first big situation, the pattern of domestic e-commerce is B2C and C2C two blocks, and C2C accounted for a considerable share of the market, the first shop taobao.com lemon Green Tea number of praise has reached 168 million, the number of employees nearly 300 stores, cosmetics, Home Furnishing category relates to women’s clothing, bags, jewelry, and other infant nearly 8000 categories of products, and the newly opened shop must be with these big sellers to grab customers in a market, this is not alarmist, since the shop can not say: "what I will", "I can’t do, open" excuse, since do to professional. The direction to do.

the same two sellers a purchase of their own with a packet upload on behalf of the shipment, they will have a lot of different shop process:

1 of their purchase of the seller will delve into the film editing knowledge, baby description knowledge, personally involved in the amount of size, weight and other work, so the accumulation of experience in the shop is beneficial; and data packets upload the sellers do not need to do the work, exactly the same, and other consignment shops without waking, to talk about the experience.

2 of their purchase of the seller for his wholesale goods in packaging and promotion, with characteristics, to establish their own brand image; the latter is boring, pictures, etc. are described their advantages and characteristics at all without too observant of conventional standards.;

3 of their purchase of the seller is to have confidence in their own undertakings, even if there is no experience also devoted a lot of effort in the course of their work, because the money into it, to work hard, and sell seller without any pressure naturally won’t have so much power, not to sell things complain about the market situation is not good enough or that electronic commerce.

4 of their purchase of the seller to sell the goods on top of their own, can answer fluently in the face of buyers, can obtain better evaluation, the latter due to have no goods, only in the buyers when asked to contact the affiliate, but this way back speed will slow a lot and the description is not accurate enough, after the opening of new stores in case of encounter bad influence for the future development are very large.

But after the

purchase is still a lot of pressure, it is not easy for many early friends, into the bag net now launched "thousand yuan shop" concept is to have entrepreneurial enthusiasm but no capital purchase friends founded on the site, as long as the little money (1000 yuan) can enter many styles of bags (each with 1), so as to ensure their delivery and.

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