Cover double 11 Amazon China black five to play a month

Cover double 11 Amazon China black five to play a month

November 2nd news, on the occasion of the major electricity supplier platform to accelerate the deployment of eleven promotional events on the occasion, Amazon China has ambitions to expand to the end of the black five". Amazon today announced Chinese opened the 2015 black Friday "overseas shopping festival", the integration of overseas purchase, import direct mining resources, the main "authentic overseas" and "global synchronization" two highlights.


it is understood that the overseas shopping festival lasted 33 days, there will be 5 million kinds of products including Rieker, Estefania Marrco, Tontine, Aeroform, more than 5 well-known international brands to participate, covering the United States and the United Kingdom, France, Germany and other 35 countries and regions.

according to Amazon China, the event is divided into three stages. The first phase is from November 2nd to November 11th, nearly 200 overseas products to Zhendian treasure for the consumer category covering Home Furnishing, panic buying, 3C, food and clothing etc.. The second phase opened in November 14th, including the United States, Germany, Japan, Australia and other countries in the boutique Museum will provide more than 800 pieces of international brands of more than 4 pieces of goods to participate in the limited time to buy activities in the world of. The third stage is November 20th and the United States simultaneously launched five black Amazon shopping season, will include CK, Tommy, Vitamix, Seagate, 50 thousand brands of more than 3 million 500 thousand kinds of products in direct mail promotions.

In addition

, Amazon China in the promotional period will also work with the Construction Bank and CITIC Bank cooperation, where the corresponding bank card consumers buy self selection can enjoy the highest 50 yuan relief benefits.

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