Online travel ticket war kicked off the destination marketing is

Online travel ticket war kicked off the destination marketing is

            in just the past 51 small holiday, with Ctrip "global ticket booking platform" new on-line, and launched the "global tickets for 60 days to return 10 million" preferential promotional activities, at the same time, donkey mother travel network and the same way network are announced to start back now none other promotional activities. Online travel tickets since the war began.

let’s take a look at the scene of a small battlefield on ticket wars on micro-blog. The beginning of the May micro-blog micro-blog users @aaiqijs said "I said these days what is now back in the end is not really? Even buy a ticket is also beginning to return, look at Shaolin Temple, Ctrip up to a ticket can be returned to 20! With the same way back to 1 dollars, the mother’s mother did not check this ticket compared to really naked competitiveness! It is strongly recommended to do the Raiders travel, the parity of the fine tradition in the end!" And posted Ctrip, the same way network, and donkey mother travel network search results for a certain contrast. (as shown)

the same way network and donkey mother travel network official micro-blog promptly made regular polite response. Subsequently, in May 6th, Guo Dongjie, vice president of Ctrip reproduced than micro-blog, Ctrip Ctrip ticket back to the event. In May 18th, Ctrip business vice president Zhuang Yuxiang micro-blog said in reply: "welcome with the donkey mother to pick Ctrip tickets as long as you can find out the thorn, return more than Ctrip many attractions, we must first pull to lower than yours." Directed at the same way and donkey mother, attracted onlookers. Ctrip online travel is still the dominant position, for the ticket market, Ctrip although action than with the way the donkey mother is a little late, but all the Ctrip challenge attitude and momentum, apparently let tickets market pioneers felt the chill.

Lu Xiaolong, chief executive officer of

Chi Chi, Jiangsu, vice president of micro-blog, said: Ctrip force destination marketing market, the main destination for scenic tickets! At present, the domestic online ticket sales is the same with the boss, personally believe Ctrip began to shift from the strategic defense of the field of Hotel So ticket into a strategic counterattack, and the main point is to fight back tickets! In this direction, Ctrip’s brand advantage began to play a role, and almost all contact with the destination government have a warm welcome attitude."

it is true that the online travel tickets for the war is precisely the scenic spots brought greater opportunities for development. The reporter understands to be held in Jiangxi city in Yichun province in June China tourism e-commerce conference and the first online travel will promote cooperation, actively promoting the relevant destination in Jiangxi province and the Yichun municipal government, will present a large number of local tourism resources at the meeting, to cooperate with the online travel company with win-win situation. The online travel business platform launched destination network marketing. At the same time, the reporter in the official website of the General Assembly’s agenda to understand, and conference speakers from domestic destination network marketing pilot.

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