Micro business venture in six directions

Micro business venture in six directions

Abstract: micro business sellers circle of friends, is another channel for product sales, is a more easily than Taobao make money work.


nowadays, micro business is spread to the development of various fields in the wild, first a bundle, a port fire, followed by Wanda, Suning, the United States can not afford to live alone, began to join the micro business. Recently, and Carolina textile, Ctrip also began a large area of micro business layout. Why so many traditional companies began to embrace the micro business, in this business model has not yet formed, the momentum of this blind expansion really makes people feel terrible.

in the eyes of many people is the derivative of a mysterious and mysterious occupation with "pyramid fraud" in nature, often because the media broke the news, a certain company, easily over a million monthly water, over one hundred thousand, over millions, tens of millions, even billions of dollars, but they never tell you how he did it. They have money, they are self willed, they are not afraid of controversy. Some people look good, some people sing bad. Some people ridicule someone watching people regardless of personal danger.

to join the micro business people may not understand the micro business, because in the eyes of many people is taking the micro sellers circle of friends, micro business is another channel for product sales, micro business is an easier way to work to make money than Taobao. They may be right, maybe not. But in my opinion, micro business is not so simple, the future will not be so development. Micro business shop has become mandatory tool and grass root entrepreneur. As far as I am concerned, I believe that the micro business will continue the following six directions.

direction: open V shop, do consignment or self

today, V shop has become the most stable and most insurance business. Although the micro business has not become the mainstream of the commercial form, has not been the official and mainstream media support (the Tencent CEO Ma Huateng affirmed the derivative in the "NPC and CPPCC" period), but the trend has been a trend which cannot be halted the continued development of coerced derivative. Open V shop, do consignment or proprietary, this entrepreneurial direction in line with the choice of most people.

advantage: zero cost, zero investment, low threshold, easy to use.

disadvantages: difficult to find customers, no flow, low conversion rate.

suitable for the crowd: Grassroots entrepreneurs, college students, mothers, white-collar workers and suppliers, etc..

direction two: public account on behalf of the operator

WeChat is one of the biggest value circle of friends, and the other is a public platform. Circle of friends feed commercial value of commercial advertising has initially appeared, and the commercial development of the public account is only just beginning. With the continuous expansion of the scale of micro businesses, more and more teams, brands into micro providers, the generation of public accounts will appear a broad market operations. Micro business generation operations like WeChat generation operation, sails compete, vying.

advantage: fans precipitation high, fast word of mouth spread, strong user stickiness, product interest

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