E-commerce mode innovation can be powerful

E-commerce mode innovation can be powerful

Xie said in the previous article now is a lot of information, the traditional community and other sites to actively participate in the construction of the electronic commerce information itself, can be said that the current business is almost in the spread of various types of Web sites, e-commerce will each industry will get in by every opening, to e-commerce, but e-commerce is not just

Internet in China over the years, has now entered a period of rapid development, Internet innovation in every thought which is the strongest, the internet almost every innovation can bring great impact on the lives of ordinary people, these sometimes can continue for many years. From the Internet at the beginning of the war to the community disputes among sects, now. From the search to Baidu, from Baidu to soso, Sogou, Youdao now. From Google to China high-profile entry into the mainland, walk away. China’s Internet news events always happen one by one. But the constant innovation and competition. The Internet is a new industry, who can put innovation and recognized by the majority of users, who can make a simple copy, simple imitation is eight or nine of all will be the strong stronger waves drown.

years ago, a major decision ma do is to serve small and medium-sized enterprises, because in the land of Zhongzhou, to occupy the absolute number of the small enterprise, and it is these small businesses really need e-commerce services, because these companies did not have the advantage in all aspects of capital, technology, marketing and so on various aspects are very scarce. They have a good product, but could not have a good platform for marketing. And Ma Yuzheng is to see these, see the desire of small and medium enterprises, resolutely decided to serve smes.

in the same service small and medium enterprises and the majority of low-income spirit. China Life Network has opened up a new model for small and medium enterprises to provide volume advertising, only after the transaction, the company needs to deliver a small amount of commission to the company. The other end of the transaction is directly connected to consumers, the traditional model is that consumers buy goods directly in the mall, consumers pay. But the drawback of this form is that the product has been very expensive when it reaches the consumer terminal. The life of the network is based on the current situation, and decided to build a firm and the consumer direct docking of a platform, which allows consumers to enjoy the goods directly to the ex factory price, after a certain amount of consumer spending is still can be used as an agent of the goods to other consumer sales, so as to obtain their consumer appreciation. The result is: manufacturers no longer worry about the lack of commodity channels, consumers do not need to worry too much because of high commodity prices, this model has proved to be completely successful.

from the above two examples we can see that e-commerce need not just to communicate with, more needs to be done is to model innovation, only innovation, for the benefit of both manufacturers and consumers can really achieve a win-win situation, can also realize e-commerce itself with strong growth.

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