Video chat website alliance rampant not because of the loss of profits and personality

Video chat website alliance rampant not because of the loss of profits and personality

Is a huge industry

video chat, video chat, so many companies began to join the League to win over the use of the owners, owners began to rely on to get a huge income, many owners also have a good income, but the video chat company in order to ensure their profits, there will be a lot of practices, you know?

always do not want to say what, but this time to do their own industry is too long, so there are too many feelings, the operation of a domain name too overbearing domain name from the beginning to the end, was closed, start again, do the site, has experienced many hardships, was also today I misunderstood, go through this station to talk about their own, some video chat website alliance view.

General Union is to give you a 40% or higher percentage, but the data is only to save the day, that is to say, second days after your account has stopped, you may not be rich, this kind of website is too much, if you think is wrong, then you test.

also do more subtle, your affiliate account, recharge the 1000 seen? No? That’s right, because a lot of large amount of user alliance will give you the screen, that is to say, you bring the user, a 10 yuan, may give you a commission of 100 yuan, but a charge of 500 yuan, 1000 yuan, would not give you the calculation of the royalty, as for what the union, do not want to say, after all, is a circle, not to say.

people do at least have a principle, say what is what, do not because the video chat industry is profiteering industry and lose their personality.

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have more ideas to share, I hope you seriously do stand, a lot of income.

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