The impact of the electricity supplier, suffered the throes of transition over 10% merchant penetrat

The impact of the electricity supplier, suffered the throes of transition over 10% merchant penetrat

is known as the "Chinese electronic first street Shenzhen Huaqiang North is entering the transition period. Some people say, Huaqiang North a 900 m Street annual sales to reach 400 billion yuan, but now the situation has become a little bit different, "the business is bleak, many people are dismantling the last two years, this sounds particularly." A common IC device sales Huang Lei North Huaqiang Electronics Market told the "First Financial Daily" (micro-blog).

days ago, the reporter found during field visits, Huaqiang North Square CyberMart 234 floor has a large number of "shop for lease" advertising, which accounts for about 1/3 of the existing pavement, traffic is relatively small. As Shenzhen International Electronic City, SEG communication market, Wang digital mall was to copycat mobile phone based electronic stores empty shop is not much, but the business is from the past to the copycat mobile phone mobile phone, mobile phone accessories and smuggled goods such as walkie talkie. In Shenzhen Huaqiang electronic world, such as IC components based stores, occasionally there are a few empty shop, vacancy rate is not high.

Deng Fen

is the director of Shenzhen City, Futian District Huaqiang North Commercial Street Management Committee Office has revealed that from 2010 to the end of August last year, the original Huaqiang North commercial circle more than 30 thousand businesses, including 3500 businesses left. An unnamed Huaqiang North insiders told reporters, the registration of unregistered businesses plus, Huaqiang North actually has more than 80 thousand businesses, so the market withdrawal of the figures should be far greater than last year’s 10%.

"in Huaqiang North, should be divided into two kinds of business forms, one is selling mobile phone, computer and other electronic consumer products shops, they are facing consumers; there is a IC component of the wholesale, they are faced with global customers." Comtech core city Cogobuy executive vice president Zhu Jizhi is steeped in Huaqiang North market more than and 10 years told reporters that the dismantling of mainly consumer electronics products decline we see, the past sell some copycat functional machine agents and distributors of intelligent mobile phone to catch this wave, to be eliminated is a very natural phenomenon.

a lot of people buying habits from the line to the online transfer, more and more difficult to do the store." The owner told reporters that many brands of laptops or even zero profits, to get the manufacturers is to take the amount of sales rebate, and copycat mobile phone sales is too horrible to look at most people have gone. It can be seen that cottage mobile phones, tablet PCs currently in the proportion of the store has been very small, apple, Android phones and tablet and its accessories occupy an increasing proportion.

Zhu Jizhi told reporters, compared to consumer electronic products dismantling business, another kind of ecological model IC components of the business gross profit decreased year by year, selling a Kingston memory earn only 2 cents, so many people choose to venture business. "But the real integration is very difficult, because of the unique Huaqiang North, have their own way of life."

according to the Ministry of statistics, in 2011 China’s IC components industry market share of over 2 trillion yuan, >

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