.com and.Net domain registration fees to increase

.com and.Net domain registration fees to increase

Beijing on April 6th news, according to foreign media reports, the digital certification service provider VeriSign announced Thursday, in order to obtain more for Internet infrastructure funds to upgrade, plans to start to improve the.Com and.Net bulk domain name registration fee from October this year.

VeriSign for.Com,.Net and.Tv domain name of the official registration and management agencies. VeriSign said it had reached an agreement with the internet name and number allocation Agency (ICANN) in March 2006 to improve the registration fees. From October 15th this year, the wholesale price of.Com domain name will rise from $6.42 to $6, or $7%,.Net domain name wholesale price rose from $3.85 to $3.50, or 10%.

Last year,

VeriSign and ICANN reached a period of 6 years the agreement, in the next four years, the VeriSign of.Com domain name registration fee shall not exceed 7% of annual price increases, but due to security reasons or ICANN strategy and price changes and other reasons. VeriSign said that the price of the actual impact on the domain name holders are not the same. VeriSign to the domain name registrant (registrar) to collect this part of the cost, and the Registrar in the enterprise users or consumers to provide domain name registration services, may also provide other services such as web services.

each registrant to pay the basic registration fee to the VeriSign, may be on the business users or consumers to implement their different service prices. VeriSign data released last month, said that as of the end of 2006,.Com and.Net domain number of 65 million, the average monthly new domain name of 2 million 100 thousand. VeriSign raise the registration fee, at least $22 million 700 thousand in revenue. The company said in February this year, in order to prevent a new round of computer attacks and improve management efficiency, the next 3 years will invest $100 million for infrastructure upgrades. This called Titan after the project is completed, will enable the VeriSign system to improve the bandwidth from 20GB to more than 200GB per second per second.

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