Pat Network will be on hand Q two entrance cheap pat main fight mode

Pat Network will be on hand Q two entrance cheap pat main fight mode

DoNews10 17 news (reporter Zhou Qinyan) Jingdong group’s pat Network announced today, pat Network in the mobile phone QQ of the entrance of the two – cheap shot will be formally launched on October 20th.

is reported that the shoot cheap will YISHION mobile terminal product form landing. Pat network side said, take cheap as a mobile end product based on the spread of social relationships chain, combined with the concept of social relationships and buy friends, the main fight purchase mode.

specific gameplay is divided into three steps: first, users choose to "take goods cheap" open group, becoming head of head into the group to pay a price, obtaining the transfer link; secondly, the head will link through WeChat mobile phone, QQ forwarding communication, invite friends to fight groups; again, 24 hours together into a group of people then, group purchase success.

pat network side said, compared with the ordinary group, cheap shot, although there are similarities in morphology, but the internal logic is different. The traditional group purchase belong to "peibenzhuanyaohe" state, businesses hope through group purchase to low sales of products and services to bring popularity, but pure sales driven ultra low cost, open the group purchase but not conducive to brand reputation, consumers remember only group purchase group purchase platform, many are basically "short-lived business".

but cheap goods are derived from the pat micro shop, there is a pat on the platform guarantees and credit endorsement, shopping experience will not complain no door. By taking a cheap, establish direct communication with consumers, maintenance and transaction channel pat micro shop business, but also through consumer social friends chain, the high-quality goods sharing out, and low cost can gain more sustainable management of fans.

pat network side said, cheap shot will provide more high-quality low-cost goods and perfect service for these fans, and thus bring more new users, forming a virtuous circle.

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